Today (23/5/2005), out of boredom, i went to play DOTA (DOTA is a custom game for the infamous Warcraft 3 PC game) in SJ. After 2 hours of “DOTA”-ing, i was a damn blur already. On the way out, i saw a chun chic (pretty girl)…
Me: eh hc, that chic damn chun(pretty)lar (as usual, i told my buddy about it)
HC: ya kah? u wait…
He turned to the girl
HC: Hey! This is Frank…
The girl looked puzzled
me: HUH!!!
HC: This is my friend, Frank! He wants to know you.
me: HUH!!!
the girl: HUH!!!
Then both the girl and me, walked off. HC then walked up to me, shaking his head.
HC: Frank, why you like that?
me: What? You try to kena me (frame me) izzit?
HC: No lar, i know her one.
me: Huh!!!
HC: OK lar, next time i don’t want to introduce any chun chic to u anymore lar.
me: HUH!!!
Lesson of the day : The best time to kena Frank is after he “Dota-ed” for two hours.

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