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Happy Wesak Day everyone!
Mum and I fulfilled our annual pilgrimage to the Brickfield Temple for Wesak Day. The place was filled with all sorts of people and races. Beggars were abundant was well.
There was an alley of stores leading to the temple that were selling various things. There was this shop that blared, “vegetarians are good!!!”…over and over again.. Then there was this Indian lady that had 3 crates of LIVE PIGEONS.
You can either roast them, fry them or boil them. SLURP. Nah, you’re supposed to free them once you pay the lady the money. Unfortunately, no one bought any pigeons from her.
Well other than fulfilling my religious responsilities, I went attended something interesting. I went for a BEER SURVEY
Kelvin Boey, Brian, Cris, Ivan, HHH, Hen, Gerald and I attended the Beer Survey @ a private room at All Star Café Mid Valley. It was fabulous! Where else could you get free food and free beer and get paid RM120 for it!
It was conducted by 2 Caucasians, one from London, another from Australia. They have been travelling around the world to conduct such survey.
The requirements were fairly easy. We had to be a group of friends who hang out with each other often and like to drink Carlsberg Beer. However, the extend of our status and liking are half true, not all of us hang out together often. Fortunately, such requirement need not be strictly complied.
We were bombarded with questions about beers, beers and beers. Initially everyone was active in the discussion but towards the end, we were lying on the sofa as the beers have kicked in. I had to force myself to keep awake.
Guailous: So what do you think of packaging A?
A: mmmm very gOOodd…
B: niceee..
C: uuuhhh… i need more beer…
After 4 jugs of beers, Cris and I proceeded to the Summit Climbing GYM. Climbing after few mugs of beer is totally not advisable. I felt like shit when I did it! Note to myself: No climbing after few BEERS!

8 thoughts on “Beer Survey”

  1. Eww…bear a no-no.Next time try Kahlua-coke or Vodka Absolute, after you drink and go climb.After those drinks…climbing and hanging on the rope was so fun with the world spinning…hahahahah

  2. julz: Does the manufactur of Absolute Vodka want me to do a survey for them…oooh yeah, if Budweiser needs me to do a survey, i will skip work to be there. Budweiser ROCKZ

  3. frank:you like to drink beer so much go to the beer festival ler.You can try all the different types of beer from different countries.

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