I am alive

Hello people,

I see that there are two posts asking for my whereabout. Well, i am still around IN TOWN. I did not “eloped with some woman, and gone far away from KL/PJ” although i have thought about it. That “some woman”‘ ‘s parents will not be too please about it and i might appear in Michael Chong’s most WANTED man list if i did.
I thought of a sabbatical for a sex change operation but i might lose my job if i did that because my boss might not be able to recognise me. My clients wouldl drop dead (hmmm..not a bad idea if they did drop dead) and the judges would stone me to death.

I could have been kidnapped by pirates…er… like pirated dvds/cds sellers…eeer because i stopped patronising them? Too bad, so sad. VCD and DVD quality nowadays are so bad and the porns are not as nice as the one that i downloaded from the net (oooops….)
I could have been kidnapped by bimbobum and tied to her bed post. HAHAHA!!!! sorry…that was just a normal laughter. Not meant to sarcastic.

I am definately not kidnapped by xes and preserved like flattened preserved dogs. That is impossible because he loved me so much, he started seeing 10 of me in a photos that he took.

Some said that i’ve been thrown in jail for contempt of court. Now, how does a lay person (people who are not well learnt in law such as bimbobum) know that one can get that kind of punishment.
“bimbobum. aren’t you involve in ? You dated lawyer before isn’t it?”

I might have won the lottery and has gone off on a 1 month cruise, busy sipping tequila sunrise(s)… wait, one month cruise? Nah, i think i will just buy some land in Indonesia and become a farmer there. OR i could have gone to Somalia!!! I would buy 1000 bulls and cows and make myself the new Chief there!!! Wow…i heard the women there, there skin shine like black pearl..ooooh..oooh, their teeth like that guy on the Darlie packaging…*drools*

12 thoughts on “I am alive”

  1. Amos: but he not original also! ideas all from me. hmmph. luckily i didn’t tie him to my bedpost. just used a whip to make him clean my house, wash toilet, wash car for me, iron my lingerie for me. hehehe.

  2. bimbobum: he watches a lot of sick pornography, so beware coz i think he’ll use that whip on you instead.

  3. xes: aiyer, like which country is it, that sells used underwear?
    boob_omatic & Amos: trust me …. i shall dominate. ;P

  4. xes: steal lingerie and sell nvm…wait he steals for collection that is scary…i remember once i saw a pathetic soul stealing neighbours underwear…lol

  5. bimbo..not series la…i saw it…that desperate fella like damn desperate, he did it in bright sunny day…hehe

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