i am gonna shrivel up and die!!!

Siew Lee, I know you are reading this… BLOG babe, BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

And I couldn’t access this site yesterday but I meant to post this – HAPPPPYYYY 21st BIIIRRTTTHHHDDAAAAAYYYYY, KIIIINNNNN HAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!! Hope you had a spanking good one… right before all you guys roll back to UK the next few days… :'(

Tomorrow would be Wei Chen, Sow and Zing’s Graduation and I reallllyyy wannnaa goooooooo!! But there weren’t any extra tickets, so even if I went I would be hanging out at the hotel lobby till the ceremony is done. 😛 So should I even bother? Got a feeling that he doesn’t want me to see his parents (ok, so I am scared too :D) so aiyah, maybe I will just wait till everybody is done and meet them for yamchar later. But I really wanna see him in the graduation robes…. and y’know, things like these, mere photographs won’t suffice…

Anyway, I think I am beginning to get thisclose to losing my mind from intensive chilling-out and doing nothing everyday. If I look hard enough, I think I can see my skin slowly eroding away and if I concentrate hard enough, I swear I can feel my bones turn to putty inside me. I went jogging TWICE and put things on hold since I couldn’t find anyone to go with. You may ask, “What about him?” *waves off question* I tried asking and he thought I was mad – What? JOGGING?! Don’t tell me you are serious?? And I seriously considered dance classes again but similarly, I dowanna be dancing with some random stranger with bad breath and a serious case of B.O… What abo-… – Don’t bother, I think he rather go kill himself than go dance classes with me… 🙂

So it goes on, my rotting self… and naturally, it feels pretty good to be blaming him for not doing anything about it.. hehe 😀

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  1. Jogging??..Wen Dee??..somehow u just dont see them both in the same sentence very often..dee: remember when we use to go kiara..u’ll just walk and wait for us at the intersection..but hey, jogging’s great..dont stop

  2. babe! the godDamN internet will only be fixed in 2 weeks time..””£$£”$%^ im going insane without it..WEI..JOGGIN..BEWARE OF FLASHERSSsS and any sort of monsters in the park..bring whatever saftety precautions u have..pepper spray, alarm..just becareful ok..!!

  3. well since u r so free u could think about like buying food and sending it over to us in london. i’d like durians, only kelantanses ones, those small ones that they sell by the road side, some mooncake(only good quality ones), maggi mee, or more like indo mee(only original flavour) and like forzen nasi lemak or something. i’m eating stuff that u heat up in the microwave everyday since i dont have a rice cooker yet. hehe.

  4. gav: i go to the park behind my house, its pretty decent ;)oon: har har, very farney… and hehe of course i remember… faster come back so u can teman me, oggies?siew lee: remember, YOU are the only one tat attracts all these flasher ppl or random horny guys!! :Dchuoming: *cringe* u still want indomie-ar? haven’t o.d. on them yet-meh? and get siew lee to make her nasi lemak-la!! *drools~~ 😀

  5. stinking breath and b.o. is part and parcel of dancing. i’m not saying you have to bear with it, the other party would have to be responsible too (like chewing mint and using deodorant etc..)but again it’s something all of us who dances would need to learn to manage.as for the random stranger part, socializing is actually one of the better aspects of dancing. within the dancing community, we actually encourage people to dance with as many people as possible, as the benefits are enormous and obvious. socializing is one thing, learning how to dance with different people (different people has different styles.. how good you are actually depends a lot on how you can dance with different different people and adapt) to make ourselves better dancers. it not only benefits ourselves, it benefits other people who dance with us too, as they reap the same benefits of dancing with different individuals with own styles of dancing. in the process, the more they practise, the better they get.if you just want to stick to your partner, probably ballroom/latin dancing ain’t your game. you can probably switch on some romantic songs in the company of your dear one and dance slowly to the music with him. no need to waste money taking classes and all.but again, to each his (her) own. cheerios!

  6. ryuu: great comments ;)… i have had latin ballroom classes before, both here and in UK and i guess i tend to be more comfortable when dancing with someone i know and am familiar with. In UK, i danced with many strangers and at the end, was paired up with this guy who not only stank in more ways than one, but also had his own rhythm tapping in his head – never mind the music and my pleas. 😀 Partners from hell aside, that latter reason put me off dancing for a long time. This time round if I were to take up dancing again, I rather it with someone I am completely comfortable with as it’s really just for fun and for laughs.. 😉 People do tend to strive well when they are enjoying themselves.And the whole bad breath and b.o. thing was really just a private joke; I know its comes with dancing!! 😀

  7. for that, i share your pain. similar case happened to my previous dance partner (who went back to japan) when she was here learning how to dance.during a class, she was paired with this guy (i dunno about b.o. or bad breath) who has his own rhythms tapping in his head (as with your case) and who was rough and would pinch when she did mistakes.needless to say, no matter how we (me and another girlfriend) consoled and persuaded her afterwards, she refused to dance the whole night, feeling depressed.but of course lah, we all humans, the next thing we do (or not do) is to avoid that person altogether :p. brutal, yes, but again how do we tell them they’re unsuitable for us? *sigh*anyways, we even had a “rescue” code. i mean, this guy always asked them to dance with him, and u know since my friends are nice ppl, they feel obliged to dance with him, and felt it was rude to reject a dance (from anybody! even from that guy!!). so everytime if they’re forced to dance with him, and couldn’t stand anymore, they will signal, and one of us would go to the rescue :p.or i saw that he’s approaching her, i would go ahead and ask her for a dance first.difficult difficult, but things we need to learn to manage. it makes us all better in handling situations like this…

  8. anyways, sorry if my first comment was a bit off its mark.. i didn’t know your past experience… i understand such experience can be devastating (or maybe life threatening :p).but again me and my dancing friends within the community.. ermm.. quite disapprove of the notion that a person should just stick to their partners and not anyone else. that seemed rather arrogant, don’t you think?but then again, they may have valid reasons to do so.

  9. ryuu: 😀 Fair comments and I agree with you on some points.The rescue code actually sounds pretty good, but in my experience, I was to be teamed up with the same dance partner for my entire university years and there won’t be any getting out of it, so I quit the team. I don’t think I will excel in competitions if I don’t get along with my partner… In my opinion, when competing, it is sometimes essential when you are familiar and especially comfortable with your partner’s style.And when I was taking classes in KL, we did switch partners. I did not just stick to one guy or refused to dance with others for arrogant or selfish reasons. The post was really a last-ditch attempt at getting my guy to go dancing with me – which oBviOUsLy didn’t work 😛 :Deraine eraine: hehe 😉

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