gavin the clown!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Gavin Tan!! *claps*

Cheng Leong: now contemplating whether to post what u
said on my website haaha
GavinTan : yea man…im prepared for any girl now
GavinTan : wah fucker!!
GavinTan : dont fuckjing post up
GavinTan : tiuUuuu lor!!
Cheng Leong : so nasi lemak kambing (mutton rice) your treat?
Cheng Leong : keke
GavinTan : no marnee
Cheng Leong : oooh
Cheng Leong : refuse to give in to my threat laaa
Cheng Leong : hehee
GavinTan : urhh…you think I scared ah?

Since I wasnt given my Nasi Lemak Kambing just now, enjoy people! Ha ha. 😀

Cheng Leong : gavin is gay
GavinTan : cheng leong is gayer
Cheng Leong : what the fuck u doing tonight
GavinTan : im gonna be fucking doing nothing
GavinTan : ehehe
Cheng Leong : not gonna go fucking with leonerd ah
GavinTan : sorry i dont wanna go fucking with leonerd
because I think you fucked him already
Cheng Leong : oooh so u have the intention to fuck around
Cheng Leong : hahaeheha
GavinTan : with girls la
GavinTan : :p
Cheng Leong : u big time slut man
Cheng Leong : hahaehahae
GavinTan : man have to live free
GavinTan : god gave us a dick to make love and have fun
Cheng Leong : ok la, iknow waht to gif u on your bday liao
Cheng Leong : fake pussy
Cheng Leong : ehaheahea
GavinTan : ahh…got whurt..theres this company who
sells it but expensive la
Cheng Leong : oooooh , somemore u wanna buy is it
Cheng Leong : hehaeheahea
Cheng Leong : nvm la..we all chip in for u
Cheng Leong : keakae
GavinTan : nolaa…me never buy it. i go for the real
Cheng Leong : really ah..u got the real thing ah?
Cheng Leong : keke
GavinTan : can find man…i dont need to own one.
GavinTan : they come to me
Cheng Leong : how much wo?
Cheng Leong : kekke
GavinTan : hey its free…i just have to give them this
called “charm”
Cheng Leong : you are the maaaannn
GavinTan : fucker
GavinTan : laugh kok ah…its a skill perfected over
many years of trial and error

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Ok another story.

Ben, Gavin, Wei Chen and I went to Bangsar mamak for a drink. We were talking about ghost stories and this one particular story freaks me out the most. One of Ben’s friends went to a medium to have some cleansing done to remove his paranormal vision. So that particular friend brought Ben and other friends along.
The medium told one of Ben’s friends.

Medium: There’s this ghost that has been following you for 5 years. I just helped you to remove her.
Ben’s friend: What what? What kind of ghost is it?
Medium: I better not say.
Ben’s friend: Oh come on tell me!!
Medium: It’s a lover’s ghost. She’s been following you for 5 years. She said she enjoys your company.
Ben’s friend: No wonder I feel so tired every morning.

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  1. everytime anything involve gavin, i sure laff kok man….MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA….Leong, post more of these kinda conversation wei…..LOL!!!

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