Samantha Manson, a 21 years old student from United Kingdom was arrested for jokingly saying, “I have 2 bombs in my bag!” twice to an US Airport security personal. She was later released and then apologized to the press. This reminds me of a story I heard. A friend of mine was departing from New Zealand and was about to check in his bag. So the counter lady asked him the usual crap,

”Did you pack the bags yourself? Did anyone ask you to carry anything?”


”Do you have any illegal or dangerous materials in your luggage?”

(With his 2 thumbs pointing to his chest) “I AM THE BOMB”

He was later detained, searched and his flight was delayed.

7 thoughts on “I AM The BOMB!!”

  1. hahaha…i would try that…except…if i cause any delays my dead body will be disposed of by my friends in a very unpleasant way

  2. At our Airport here in Holland (schiphol) we had the same situation, 2 guys joking around, 1 of them kept on joking and said he had some pod on him…The customs couldn’t laugh and took the guy in…

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