Babbling blogger in 2 days!

Babbling Blogger is just 2 days away. Some of us are pretty excited about it, but some of us, like Gavin, is pretty stressed out with it. Gavin is afraid that people would bombard him with alcohol (btw his alcohol tolerance is pretty low and he’s darn funny when he’s drunk) haha

This event is also inconjunction with Cris’s birthday and Sui Lin and Gavin’s farewell party. So please buy Gavin, Sui Lin and Cris a drink 😀 Furthermore, we are not providing alcohol. This is not a party but a gathering.

The amount of people that will turn up this Friday would be enormous. The list I made is incomplete. There are many more people whom I did not include and also, the friends of the people who are in my list are not included too.

So, people, please come early to book a table. I doubt Bar Sa Vanh could fit all of us.

Another problem is, since there are so many people, how the hell is everyone going to know who is who? Any suggestions? Wearing a name tag sounds a little bit gayish.. this is not a match making event… And if you’re looking for free fucks, you’re at the wrong place mate. hehe

P/S I added a section called “Worthy posts”. Any other posts to suggest?

20 thoughts on “Babbling blogger in 2 days!”

  1. ei cool la…wear name tags…AHHHAHA ;pyou guys shall see me with a “Hie I’m PeNNyPupZ” name tag sumwhere around my chest…haha…*Winkwink* ;p

  2. no name tags man!we aint in skool no more!i am a bit worried abt the tables lah…the introing part…that one no problem lah..hehe

  3. heh no free fucks? chenghai dont coverline!! and yea .. we shall see penny with her HIE IM PENISPUP name taggie .. eheeh

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