I got bozos as colleagues

Hi hi all, before I forget – give my buddy Oon a hit or two yah! He’s the latest count to the blogworld, always found him the amusing one so it’s great to be able to get the same dose of off-hand satirical humour daily (hopefully). 😀

Ok for some reason, the ctrl+shift+a button won’t work for me, so here’s da add – www.supaoon.blogspot.com

I am so frus coz my workplace banned me from accessing this site (damnit what is so freaking X-rated about this site?). Maybe they DID find out that I blogged from work. Shite.

Anyway, something so silly happened today at work ? my colleague, A, was carrying this clipboard on her hand, against her chest when another colleague, B, asked her what the time was. She then lifted her hand to look at her watch causing the clipboard to bang against her chin and nose. Ok so it was kinda funny, A and B who were facing each other were laughing so hard that they both bent in front the same time and banged each other?s heads. They both then bent back in laughter causing them to bang their heads against the office partitions which then caused some mini earthquake in the office causing everything against or on the partitions in the entire office to fall off like some domino run. It was timely that my boss came in just right then and he had the unprecedented ?wtf..?? look on his face, even more so when he saw A?s slightly bloody nose where she scratched it with the clipboard?

I can honestly say that I am bored of my job but it?s episodes like these that make it all worthwhile even just the little bit. 😉

Ok-la? time to make a phonecall to him before heading off to sleep, in preparation of yet another *ergh* day ahead? Nites!

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  1. hehe.. they didn’t ban it cos they know your surfing here. It’s just cos xes = sex spelled backwards :Dever thought about that? hehe

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