Last week, I received a summons for illegally parking along the road in front of Sunway College.

So today, I endured the fuckup traffic jam and pot holes in order to pay for my summons.

Unfortunately, the summons counter was closed. I was an hour late. Feeling frustrated, I walked back to my car. While on my way, an extremely fat Malay dude offered to settle my summons for me. He brought me to one of the annexed police quarters to see someone.

As I walked into the building, i went like.. “I’m going to blog about this”

I was greeted with the sight of 2 men playing ping pong. 2 traffic police motorcycles were parked next to their ping pong table. The Malay man went into a small room. Inside the room, there was a policeman singing karaoke. Wow…

The Malay man then brought me to the annex’s backyard to meet up with another man. That man offered to settle my summons for RM50. He told me that it would cost me RM70 if I pay at the station.

RM50 is just too much for me and further, I was told that it only cost me RM30 if I pay legitimately. The Malay men rebutted that by saying that they have raised the compound.

I had a feeling that they were lying. I said, “I’ll come back next week” and left the place immediately. I wonder what they said were true. Does it really cost me RM70 for illegal parking at Sunway College?

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14 thoughts on “Summons..”

  1. i dont know if sunway is still under MPSJ but if it is right, the fine is RM30 for illegal parking. i think it’s raised to RM80 only when u don’t pay for damn long, like after they send u repeated summons. but this kind of summons dont need to pay one lah, i never paid mine.

  2. This is totally irrelevant but since i read “pot holes” in your entry…this came into mind. a “joke” by one of the old hamsap dispenser in the hosp.”what’s the difference between a new car and a new wife?””with a new car, you avoid the hole.”*haha* *puts an L-figure on forehead pointing to self*

  3. cm: mpsj no need to pay one..according to my boss kekesuilin: oooo okok thanks 😀 FeR: HhAhahHahAHAhahaha L!! sft00t: summons by police 🙁

  4. sure Rm 30 nia? cos if by mpsj, the summon is RM 80. But if its police issued you the summon, shouldn’t it be more expensive..?anyway, if you got from mpsj, their fine is RM 80. But u could go to mpsj and fill up the so called discount form.. just write u’re a student, u cant afford and blah blah blah.. u’ll just have to pay RM40.. I’ve tried it before.. 😉

  5. sft00t: but got car plate number wo..can trace one woo kekeblossom: i got summoned by police 😀 i heard i can appeal @ the police station.. and choi choi choiiii tow my car meh.. anyway, they dont tow cars in pj and KL anymore.. i dont know why, too barbaric i think eheh

  6. I kena saman b4 by MPSJ when I parked at the housing area close to Taylors College. I kept the saman and went to Sunway Pyramid wif my then gf. I happen to see my fren’s car when I was circling around looking for parking and so i stopped my car one side, pull out the saman and liquid paper off my car no plate and put my fren’s. On top of that, i changed a few details and clip it on his windshield wiper and went to look for a parking spot.I park my car and went to meet him and a couple of frens for lunch. But I din tell him what I did.

  7. No xes, I did not tell him what i did. He most probably found the summon after our lunch appointment and thinking wtf but he din say anything the next day and it was all forgotten until you came up wif this blog.And oh yah, since the summon wasn’t wif me, I can’t pay it and therfore i got no way to pay it. Anyway, my dad change car after I left to Aussie and after that the changed car had to b written off and so did the number. Safe and sound. Fark MPSJ and their stoopit summons. Ask them to go sk their own ** …………..

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