I had…

I had wan tan mee for lunch with Wei Chen, Wen Dee and Aunty Jetski at Jalan Batai.

Then I had sweet and sour pork, fried vegetables and kaya bun for dinner with parents.

Then later at night, I had diarrhoea.

Fucking hell, I felt as If I?m having my period. But thank god, this period can be solved with a trip to the toilet. 😀

/me eats my charcoal pills.

9 thoughts on “I had…”

  1. xes is not a girl lar…..but HE obviously have past expriences on how having a period feels like. May he was “different” last time. :p

  2. i think its cuz he’s experienced living with a house full of gurls who’s been filling him with all those lil details to the extent of him feeling it :P~~~

  3. I asked my ex girlfriend this question last time..Me: eh how does period feels like?Mel: it’s like you wanna shit but nothing is coming out…

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