neighbour’s house crashed!

At 4PM, it was raining the whole day. I was at work but Mum was at home. She couldn’t go out because her car’s road tax expired. Suddenly,


The loud bang came from outside. Mum rushed out from the house and saw something devastating.

My neighbour’s house collapsed!

Well, part of the house.

My neighbour’s house is designed funnily. It was built on a hill slope supported by pillars. Couple of months ago, my neighbour bought the house and renovated it. They extended the kitchen till the edge of the hill. However, unknown to them, the rainy season has weaken the foundation of the house.

And today, the entire back portion of the house collapsed. It hit 3 houses below, a lawyer’s house (my neighbour is so going to die, the lawyer will sue his ass), a doctor’s house and a kindergarten. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries.

Cleaning up would be a tedious task due to the fact that the area is not easily reachable. Furthermore, it would be dangerous because the remaining portion of the house might collapse. *prays for the safety of my neighbours.


21 thoughts on “neighbour’s house crashed!”

  1. mahai your place there like fucking warzone like that…your house porch roof collapse neighbour house collapse then the road like cibai like that my car drive shaft go your place also rosak.

  2. freaking dramatic area ur living in 😛 next thing u know it, the little kids in da kindergartens turn into some hideous creatures or something haha!! what a cute illustration, but the lawyer looks more like u heehee ;P

  3. aki: send me your digicam and i will take pictures ! sel: ehhe i dont have a digicam la 😀 cm, iris, suisui, lynzter: many other things happened la..but that was long tiem ago ehhepikey: i live in united garden, old klang road 😀 hen: hehehesehsehlan: come back to KL and live with me la 😀 kekekzing: what u toking..i’m gonna sue u for libel!! hehegayvin: circus? then it’s the best place for u la, since you’re a full time clown ahhah

  4. hehe aiyo im gonna step into ur neighbourhood and sumthings just gonna fall on me man *touch wood* so where u taking us when me and fi comes back? ;P hekhek

  5. sehsehan: i will write down an itenary..then u guys choose what to do la ;D kekek but kareoke is out of the question! hehetq johlin keke

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