i hate my ex

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I know a lot of people who are still good friends with their ex-es, and even with their ex-es’ families. Sometimes I’m impressed with that fact, sometimes I think it’s not a safe thing to do. But people say it depends whether or not there was an amicable break up in the first place.
Some people tell me that I obviously am not over the ex-es when my reaction reveals my inner feelings. Should their names be mentioned, should I receive any form of communication from them, I’d stiffen and cringe, and my defences immediately shoot up and strengthen 20 times.
Remember the ex I saw at KLCC? Well, when we first met up together with his friends 4 months after we broke up, I thought I was ready to be friends. But I was wrong. It was so awkward, I felt awkward. I didn’t dare to make eye contact, I was just not prepared to act like normal friends with him. He made a comment, which I knew was in good faith, but I was defensive and I didn’t like it one bit. He told me that my bra was showing through my shirt buttons. How not to react to that?? ;P
But if you ask me now whether I’d be able to talk to him casually now, I think I’d be able to. ;P I’ve never had the chance so far, so I can’t guarantee it. No, the KLCC one does not count, pimple on forehead and no make up remember?? Cannot! I must be dressed good and looking attractive like hell, then only I’m ready to charm him all over again la. Heh, I doubt I’d be able to charm him all over. I’d just try my luck. ;P
Remember the other ex I had lunch with a few months back? I still don’t like him very much. I seriously hate it when he contacts me for some reason, I don’t like making small talk with him, I hate his looks. I hate how smug he looks, I can just imagine him smirking over something I say even if we’re chatting on MSN. Eeyuck.
To me, I think he tries too hard to absolve himself from the guilt he had from breaking up with me years ago, by being a ‘good friend’ now. Which I do not need.
Yup, now he just sounds so superior and all when he chats or calls or sms. beh-tahan. (cannot stand it.)
I’m not the only person who can’t stand being in touch with (some of) their ex-es, I hope.

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  1. personally, keeping in touch with ex-es are totally fine.
    but sometimes the situation can be a total bitch.
    me and my ex were good friends after we broke up, although sometimes we still do take each other for granted when we were lonely. *u know what i mean* maybe that was the reason that made her think that i should still treat her as my girlfriend. and she continue being demanding and controlling.
    i stopped talking to her after a major quarrel.
    so well, it is actually up to how you deal with the situation after breaking up. you can never be ‘good friends’ again in a blink of an eye after breaking up. it will take some time and efford to make it right.

  2. just being curious do you really feel offended when your ex commented on your bra revealing?
    i did the same thing too, i do hope my ex wasn’t offended like you do.

  3. That means he still care for you as a special friend coz your bra is revealing. Unless you purposely reveal your bra, thats another story.
    Btw, you’re offended because he tried to peep at your bra & boobs in the first place?

  4. rych: no no, not offended, just that, …. ahhh…. at that time, i just felt awkward, and was still not over him. so i think i felt like he was still playing the role of the bf when he said that. i perasan. ;P (and read next comment)
    endroo G: the bra. ;P i guess i was a bit upset at that time cos he never kept in touch with me and out of the blue, instead of saying “hi”, the first thing me said to me was that.
    AHLOKKOR: are you a tai kor? can i pay you to ask my ex to stay away from me? ;P
    booby: woi.. you missing the point.
    and why are you guys harping on the wrong ex? that one i’m ok. that one better looking than the one i really cannot stand la.

  5. errrr…bash people up ala ‘taikor’, not my cup of tea….
    Give me enough info and I make a good Private Investigator …. 🙂

  6. hmmmm….potential…bimbo…u need to PI meh? Let the guy do the searching ma….be a bit hard to get…btw..xes;s suggestions of you being a batang….has been totally squashed in this post…even gay men don’t wear bra…unless they’re sex changed la….lain kira..

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