I Rant – about some blogs

Just questions which have been running through my head when I visit some blogs:
I don’t understand why this blogger blogs about things that happened 6 months ago. Seriously, do you keep 6 months worth of drafts and post them up ONLY when you’re done editing your photo montages? OK, I still visit the blog because of the pictures, I admit.
I can’t stand it. Why must this blogger go on and on about her love life and gushes on about her “baby” i.e. the boyfriend? Can she stop ending each blog post with, “I love you, baby. You’re the best! XXXXXX” and an ‘act cute’ picture of her, which I find so sickeningly disgusting.
Why must this blogger (and some more) snap pictures of ALL their meals, EVERY SINGLE TIME? Ate nasi lemak last week, must blog! Picture of 2 soft boiled eggs, must blog! A glass of Chinese tea cost RM0.60 ALSO must blog! Like, for goodness sake, we KNOW you love photography but that’s just TOO much to take!
Vain potheads are bad, too. Every post must have a picture of them – they keep track of their clothes, perhaps, I don’t really know.
Why do some bloggers blog about every single argument they have with their partners? Isn’t that too much information? What is personal nowadays, tell me. If you can record all your arguments on your blog, it doesn’t sound like a happy relationship, you know.
And OMG, those visitors who pretend to be your regular blog reader, when all they’re trying to do is increase traffic to THEIR blogs by leaving a comment in your chatbox! You think I don’t know???? That is really annoying, ok! Bloody insincere, if you ask me!

Can you guess who I’m complaining about? I’m sorry that this sounds like a very PMS-like post, but I’ve been DYING to rant about it!!!!!! I wish I dared to name names……….
And rereading this, I sound a bit like Fireangel, who’s very fiery indeed! Of course I’m not complaining about her blog! Are you crazy???? I’d be terrified for the rest of my life.
p.s. karheng: i’ve never seen Combat sold anywhere also! where ah? tell me quick! i may die of cockroach fever soon!!!!

5 thoughts on “I Rant – about some blogs”

  1. ok, I had a quick look at fireangel’s blog. What is her problem, so angry and a lot of curse word…lol
    Nevertheless, funny.

  2. xes: that’s why la told you already not to blog so much about your personal life and every ice chinese tea you drink and every sunny side up on toast you eat, now bimbobum is mad at you

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