The end of the road?

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A friend has been spending the past week nursing his broken heart. His girlfriend of 7 years has just broken up with him. She told him that she no longer feels happy with their relationship and she wants to move on. Enough is enough, she claims that he has anger management issues.
My friend has been walking around like a zombie, his heart ripped out and stomped on by his now ex-girlfriend. But he wants her back.
“I am just an empty shell without her,” he told me sadly. “I hope I can win her back.”
When he asked me what his chances are, I was blunt. “Rather slim, huh?” he asked. And I agreed.
When someone closes his/her heart and locks it up, it’s rather impossible to open it again. When he/she decides to move on without you, clearly he/she has thought about it.
I’m speaking from experience, of course! Told a boyfriend once, “I don’t love you anymore. Goodbye,” and I refused to entertain his pleas to get back together again because just simply, I no longer had feelings for him.
Anyway, I’m wishing my friend the best of luck in winning his girlfriend back. He was planning on proposing to her next month, so I do hope things work out for him.

4 thoughts on “The end of the road?”

  1. Hit the road jack,
    you ain’t comming back no more,
    no more,
    no more,
    no more,
    hit the road Jack,
    you ain’t comming back no more…

  2. So in 1 months time, the ex-girlfriend will have a new boyfriend? In 6 months time, she will be happily engaged and in 1 years time, she will be married? Deja vu…

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