I wonder where are all the guys?

I was listening to Avril Lavigne Accoustic. I don’t know whether or not there is such an album by Avril. Probably it’s a bootleg. Anyway, It’s recorded in front of a live audience. I noticed from the album that only girls scream in the concerts. Then from the other Live recording album that i had, it’s the same. I can only hear girls screaming!!!
WHERE ARE ALL THE GUYS!!! Guys don’t scream in concert? Nonsense, i remembered that i screamed and shouted in concerts.
Hmmm..is it because we are not as fanatic as the girls (that’s why we don’t shout or scream very loud in concert)? or is it because girls can naturally born screamer?

11 thoughts on “I wonder where are all the guys?”

  1. i guess its because when guys scream, their voices are loww and bass like haha.. but when girls scream at the same time.. theyre like shrieking so it overpowers the guys? :p

  2. i agree with jinhan. avril is not hard or loud enough for a normal guy to appreciate. it would be different if you are listening to GnR live, or Metallica live! =)

  3. cause girls just like to scream. they scream when they see stars, they scream when they have sex and orgasm, they scream when they see cockroach, they scream when they see ghost movies. guys are cool and when u’re cool u dont scream.

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