Roasted Pig

Recently I have been getting complains on my Chinese New Year banner which depicts a roasted pig.

Some visitors (not limited to those who complained on the tagboard) find that the picture is offensive.
I apologize for the crude banner. But this is what Chinese people eat.
Look at the picture below!!

[Credit: Author unknown – received picture from forwarded mail]
Preserved Dogs in China. (O_O)/!!!
Ok this is more disgusting than offensive. But I wonder how does it taste like…mmmm hot dogs..

23 thoughts on “Roasted Pig”

  1. dogs actually taste alright.
    kinda like mutton/pork cept they have a stronger taste and weird smell.
    a chef at a place i used to work made some bak kut teh out of dogs meat once and it was really good.
    i didn’t know it was dog till halfway thru though.

  2. Eh why the dog look so cute one, flat and round with the paws in the middle like that? And they actually hang it up like that as if they were just parachuting in, har har.

  3. Lol@ Lap kau
    Omg, the dogs are flat! Welcome to China! hahaha.
    Animals are not that wierd to be honest. I was in thailand and they have stalls selling deep fried insects! Such as big ass beatles and loads of wierd insects. Damn, I wish I took some pictures of it

  4. wat’s those long-ish stuff hanging on the right of the pic??
    dog intestine??
    that man looks like one of the HK Actors…
    I think his nickname is “tai hao Ching” (Big Mouth Ching)
    wat do u think??

  5. I don’t mind trying dog meat. But after seeing how they prepare it in the most unhygienic conditions….i feel like wanna puke. Just search “dog meat” on google and you’ll see what i mean.

  6. =[ both pics of the dog and the pig are scary 🙁 and im chinese –” poor piggy & doggie 🙁 im having tofu for chink new year ^^

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