I saw this in the toilet…

Looked like ice to me. But why would people pour so much ice inside here? Out of curiousity, i touched it. ooooh..cold. IT IS ICE!!!

23 thoughts on “ICE COLD”

  1. kinda gross rite u. sudden fascination wif urinals and all….
    euw… ya, everyone better not shake his hands or touch whater he has touched. ;P

  2. I washed my hands after that, OF COZ. =)
    BTW, it’s kinda fun peeing on the ice. You will see the ice melted slowing….=P
    Yvonne: too late…this pic was taken last month. Last week, i touched your vegetable in the super market. Not to mention the tissues and your hands as well. Sorry, i have to tell you. If you ever fell sick because of that, not my fault. It’s the ICE.

  3. why the fetish with urinals? next pic will be with a pic urinating there? hahahhaa
    and i cant believe u wont actually touch something at the urinal… yucks !

  4. frank: You’re gross. If not ice, what else can it be? Lol!
    Maybe when you wee wee, the cold air coming up will make you pee better …i dunno.

  5. Frank, didn’t you watch Hot Chick? The ice is meant to be there… Aiyooo…….. Ewww……
    But damn funny la.. hehehe. I thought people knew against touching ice in urinals.
    And anyway, who would want to touch the contents in a urinal?

  6. fyi the ice is to keep the toilet odour free. when someone urine on the ice, the ice melts and drain it, so there wont be any urine smells. where have u been dude?!? sigh

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