Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb

As I type this post, I can hear someone singing this lyric, “Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb!“. The same line over and over and over again… and it’s slowly driving me crazy.

Ok! Leong! As requested! πŸ˜€ Here’s my yearly (has it been that long or longer since my last post?) contribution to the site. Objective of the year: to have name removed from being under the inactive guestblogger list. (HAH!) Generally, just some updates for those who don’t know already: I have changed jobs and I have moved to a new home.

Liking my new job, biggest bonus that it is less than 10 minutes away from my house. Although I start work earlier at 8.30am everyday, I don’t wake up till 8am! Away from the KL hustle and bustle, I am spoilt already, to be so far and away from braving the horrendous traffic to fighting for breathing space in a crowded lift. The little things that will boost anyone’s morale, really.

A year ago, I would never have imagined that I would move away from my house of 15 years. But out of the blue, things had their way and suddenly we were faced with a brand new house to play with. Months later, here I am. Living in a house my family put much thought and love into and I can’t describe the silent burst of happiness I feel when I wake up every morning and look around my turquoise room. Turquoise because I decided I was over the pink phase. Those silent bursts also apply when I walk in the garden or walk barefooted around the terrace. And when I play with my dog in the backyard and stand in the balcony looking into my neighbour’s home. πŸ™‚

It was also in the garden too, that I burnt myself a hole in the pocket.

While leaning over the fish pond to touch the tiny orange fishes, *ploop went my handphone from my shorts pocket, right into the shallow pond. I actually had the gall to stare at it underwater for awhile, before snatching it up. And I wondered if it would have made a difference if I had dismantled the phone earlier, instead of admiring the psychedelic colours the side of my screen was fuzzing out into..

Over the Hari Raya break, my friends and I went to Bukit T1nggi (BT) and Genting Highlands (GH) over two nights. The long-awaited trip with the gang was free of any traffic jams along the highway, as earlier anticipated by my colleagues who choked themselves with laughter to think that we wanted to travel to those places during the long weekend. πŸ˜›

The Colmar Tr0picale Resort in BT was crap. Aside from the spacious rooms, there was nothing else interesting to offer besides a row of buildings with French-village-inspired facades. But to be fair, we didn’t exactly brave the walk/drive to the Japanese Tea Garden, the Rabbit Farm or the Bowling Alley either. While the cosy setting of the country atmosphere would have been a plus point, it was spoiled by a marque tent in the middle of the boulevard, blaring the liveliest of garish techno music.

Perhaps, the holiday crowd contributed to the frustration of having to queue up everywhere to get any food and having to jostle to get tables and chairs. The resort obviously did not have the facilities or manpower to handle the many families who visited the place. Breakfast in the morning was like walking into a big market/hawker centre where you have to stand beside a table to send enough nervous energy to set the current occupants off, and queue up at the washing area of the kitchen to get your eating utensils. Crap, I say.

Then there was an attack of the flying termites too; safe to say, beyond the control of the resort management. Not sure what they are called, but these bugs come out during the rainy season, flying around lights, shed their wings and die. Yup, about a few thousand of them were swarming around us during dinner and boy, did they die – right into our respective pastas and pizzas.

Ok so BT did not leave any good impression on us, but GH was marginally better. As expected, it was crowded and we had to park in the middle of the road somewhere halfway up. The casinos were not as crowded as we expected it to be though. With some luck and inane sense of gambling, we (or could be just me!) left nervously satisfied. Uncle Lim has been kind to us this time. πŸ˜‰

On holidays, exactly a month from now, my family and I will be jetting off to Hawaii for my sister’s graduation! The Hawaiian Islands, Pearl Harbour, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas in the plans – two weeks of unbridled time with a family and being completely (and voluntarily) uncontactable! What’s not to like? πŸ˜€

On things I surprise myself with, the last two birthday celebrations of friends ended up at Red B0x. And for someone who just doesn’t do singing, I find myself reminding myself after every karaoke session, WHY I don’t do singing. It doesn’t help that I feel completely comfortable being tone-deaf and screaming lyrics at the TV, around my close friends. Brandishing the mike and short of kicking at the TV, you guys should just tell me that “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gayn0r just ain’t in the song bank!

Ok, just a note before I end this post, Happy 23rd Birthday to Jia Hui! Three karaoke sessions in two days for you, we should feel blessed that you put up with us eventhough we were the weary third karaoke session of your birthday weekend. πŸ˜‰
Alrite then, till the next post. *waves

13 thoughts on “Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb”

  1. i was damn stress in the office this morning..but after reading your post, i laughed out loud..
    cantik tertarik awak memang the bomb!!! BwhHAHAHAHAHHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    welcome back to the blogging world!!! remember BLOGBLOGBLOG!!

  2. i figured that i’d leave the reading of long fine print text till when i start working, but i still fail to obtain information as to where u moved to…

  3. wendee, wat a coincidence…alex call me today out of the blue..i bump into jia hua on her birthday in the curve and now you coming back blogging on the site. I do miss you. =) glad to hear from you. Miss those day when we meet up for lunch at your old office.

  4. leong: haha u actually found the song?? and eh i wanted to keep the post comment-free though
    chuoming: very near my old house πŸ˜€ give me a ring if you are nearby k
    frank: you aren’t so far away from where i am, no? nvm one day we all meet for lunch/dinner! it has been so long la..

  5. wd: i can’t remember where u used to stay la… somemore u always so busy, where got time for me πŸ™ hei it rhymes…

  6. wd: eh, i tot u accidentally put no comment. but then again, i wanted to comment on the post ma heehe
    wah frank sounded damn buaya. soon he’ll evolve into frank_romantic.

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