Inexperienced Old Men

A question for the girls:
Some time ago, chaliz asked me to bring up the topic about older men and their lack of experience with serious relationships. Girl friends have pondered the same question as well.
A man in his mid-30’s has never had a girlfriend before. The statement “No, I’ve never had a girlfriend before,” may sometimes surprise women/girls. A friend of mine says that it terrifies her, she’s afraid the inexperienced (yet old) boyfriend would be unable to deal with relationship issues that often crop up. Maybe he’ll be too clingy or that her history of relationships may affect him sooner or later.
Does it bother you?
A question for the boys:
Similarly, the issue of sexual experiences will surely crop up. I received a query via email regarding this issue:
If the man has never had sex before, and gets together with a younger girl who is more experienced than him, would he mind
(a) being taught all the naughty tricks she know; or
(b) about her sexual past?
I mean, you know, men have their pride and ego. ;P

34 thoughts on “Inexperienced Old Men”

  1. what about younger guy who is more experienced than older girl?. would the girl be impressed with her younger companion’s sexual prowess?. i have always wanted to know.

  2. Well on the plus side, the fact that the guy is so inexperienced means he’s not a player wannabe who thinks he’s god’s gift to womenkind. So the likelihood of him cheating will be smaller..? If he lets the girl’s past bothers him is silly- hey, he chose to date her in the 1st place 😀 He may feel insecure sexually or otherwise to her exes, but the guy should feel that he has something different to offer her..and make it a point to treat her better than the rest lor!

  3. Having said that, I’d still be a little hesistant to date a totally inexperienced guy simply because young and naive doesn’t really appeal to me 🙂 Also, the fact that u have to TUTOR him from scratch makes sex very very boring indeed: true story from my best friend hehe.

  4. Well.. sorry should have clarified that.. I meant “young” and naive in relationships and sexual matters. For eg, he buys inappropriate gifts for a girl who’s SO NOT into him or will ever be..or he thinks that a 1st date at McDs is OK or thinks that sex is all about “the orgasm”. (examples taken from various guys aged 23-25)

  5. iV’N: you’re always first ;P must give prize next time for frequent 1st timers. eheheh
    booby: who do you want to answer, the older girls? i think some don’t mind, they will enjoy the attention, i think. unless the man is cruel enough to stop having sex with her by using wrinkles and saggy breasts as an excuse?
    ChloeC: there’s good and bad, i guess. haha. your best friend was not very patient perhaps. get him to watch more pron?
    xes: me too. i wonder if they’re frustrated, though.
    endroo: not an appropriate question to ask here. ehehe ;P so how about you?
    ChloeC: McD’s 1st date? 13 years olds meh?
    insomnia: is it? ;P
    booby: and fanky is no longer a virgin because of mr. ong KK!
    FrentZen: i think in singapore they start very young
    pokai: learning is always part of the process, but the teacher would have to be patient, and the student should never feel pressured or insecure

  6. pokai: most of the positions in the kama sutra is impossible to do unless you are willing to break or dislocate some bones.

  7. I’am in my 30’s and still virgin… Any young girls out there want to teach an old dog new tricks???
    lol…joking joking
    haha…what a funny topic.
    My advise to all the older men out there in virgin land. Go to brothel and train really really hard… then can make younger girlfriend orgasm all nite long.

  8. Trust me man..the Mcds example was from a guy who was in Uni so he was 22-23? Or maybe just really really kiamsup.. no wonder no girlfriend yet. LOL.

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