Once Upon A Time

there lived an Internet Troll by the nick of boob_omatic in the land of www.xes.cx …

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  1. yes, even i felt flattered to have him as my loyal reader. but he has never added me to his friendster list and that makes me feel so ……. neglected. sniff. i mean, what is loyalty if you’re not on my friendster list, booby?
    anyway, my post on flaming and trolling was dedicated to him. i didn’t know how else to advise him…

  2. fanky rushed to his side, sobbing his heart out.
    fanky: booby! are you ok?
    booby: am i hurt? *dazed*
    fanky: here, let me feel your bones
    booby: which bone are you referring to?
    fanky: *lovingly slaps booby* you’re so naughty!
    booby: i can’t help it. you’re too sexy

  3. booby screamed in pain, just as fanky screamed like a girl and with arms flailing in the air, got out of the way just in time.
    “MCH KNN TNS WHY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?” booby managed to wail, as only his legs were ran over.

  4. becouse the car’s driver was another gay person who is in love with fanky panky. As he floored the gas pedal….

  5. Hey I’m just playing along with the story lah 😀 Fiction only, fiction ^___^
    Until it reached Hollywood and the porn directors thought: “We’ve found our main man for our new porn movie titled. . .

  6. which fanky bought several copies of the DVD and wanked over it at home. he cummed so many times in one day that he lost track of the number of times while watching the horse usshhhing in and out….

  7. and then a thought popped up in his head….”i think i can do better than booby”, so he called up the director of the movie and asked for an audition….

  8. …went on stage and immediately pulled down his pants and speedo. his wee wee sprang to life(albeit not very impressive) upon seeing xes sitting in the audience seat with the director.

  9. Aiyor you people are hilarious! Perut nak pecah ni. . .
    but fanky and boob_omatic didn’t want to let her enjoy xes all to herself, so they ganged up on xes and then. . .

  10. fanky shouted at xes, “YOU FUCKING MCH CCB XES, BIMBOBUM IS SEXCITED OVER MY GOO GOOS, NOT YOU. SHE IS MINE”. xes then replied…

  11. !!!!!
    .. xes and bimbobum fell asleep, tired from the excitement.
    back to the present, booby laid on the road, groaning in pain. the driver of the car made another u-turn and ran him over again, this time, aiming for booby’s neck. the driver really wanted booby dead. he was burning with rage and he desperately needed to get rid of booby not because he was in love with fanky or xes, but he deserved it!
    as the driver revved his car…

  12. then xes said, “wait, lemme rip my shirt off first”. while waiting for xes, fanky stared at bimbobum’s boobies and xes tapped his shoulder and said, “hey fanky, you see my nipples, nice anot?. we compare nipples la. see whose are nicer. come, u stand facing me. wah your nipples not bad huh, but mine are nicer but i wanna suck your nipples la. can ah?”.

  13. Suddenly, xes was awaken by a honk… air horn of a prime mover and found himself being licked at the nipple by his tenant’s dogg. fanky is jealous, thus he compensate by sucking the numerous nipples of the dogg.
    *xes, you rock. 1 sentence can hit 45+ comments.*

  14. It turns out that xes’s tenant is bimbobum and she was turn on when she saw what xes and fanky were doing thus she decides to join them for a good time.
    (how can we leave bimbobum out from the story wei? Not sporting ler. Her fans must give her face also mah.)

  15. But when she tries, the both of them didn’t give a damn about her…so she decided to back off and let them have a good time…while she sat back on the couch and relaxed to a tiger show….

  16. And suddenly when xes saw bimbobum wanting to join the party, he was so turn down because it’s a pussy cat. And fanky is begging xes not to let bimbobum to join the fun.

  17. but xes pulled bimbobum in anyway and quickly ripped off her clothing. fanky, who was paying all the attention to xes, turned his attention to bimbobum upon seeing her stark naked crawling on all fours in front of him. fanky’s saliva was dripping by the gallons and as he decided to whip his wee wee towards bimbobum….the dog ran towards fanky and ate his wee wee. blood was everywhere and fanky…

  18. woi xes, apa?. it was endroo G who started the dog synopsis. i quote endroo G, “Suddenly, xes was awaken by a honk… air horn of a prime mover and found himself being licked at the nipple by his tenant’s dogg. fanky is jealous, thus he compensate by sucking the numerous nipples of the dogg”.
    if u say i giler, then he also sama-sama giler la.

  19. Suddenly, Honfaark emerges into the scene, making a grand entrance by breaking thro the wall and shouting O-o-O-o-O like tarzan and bearing his skinny chest, he says…

  20. “i wanna taste you from head to toe, boob_omatic, i’ve been in love with you all along. but i was scared to tell you. how could i compete with a horse?” honfaark whispered into boob_omatic’s ear.

  21. honfaark went berserk and threw a girly tantrum. “F*CK YOU!!!!” he screamed. “YOU LOVE HORSES, DON’T YOU!!! THE PSYCHIATRIST SAID SO!”
    apparently a few days ago, the newspaper reported that boob_omatic was a dangerous person. everyone was warned to…

    He decides to film a documentary of horses and dogs for Animal Maniacs where he is the star of the show…..

  23. and one day he decided to film an underwater documentary in brisbane with bimbobum, xes, fanky, the dog and the horse. bimbobum was the director, xes and fanky were the cameramen who went under the sea with boob_omatic that day. the dog and the horse were on board the boat watching from atop.
    while they were doing the filming, a stingray came out of nowhere and attacked boob_omatic with its barb struck right thru the chest of boob_omatic. boob_omatic died not long after the attack and both xes and fanky just dived around canoodling with each other. they started to remove their g-strings and have sex when a shark….

  24. since everyone is tired, they head back to the hotel to plan for tomorrow’s sex sex scene. Anyway mentioning about boob, some divers head back to the sea to get his body back, but too bad by the time they reach there it only left skulls floating around because the sharks has feasted at him.

  25. and it enhanced the relationship between xes and fanky. they made love for the entire day while bimbobum filmed the hot scene for their latest porn flick titled “THE RETURN OF XES AND FANKY”…

  26. And upon reading boob_omatic’s further comments, psychiatrists have further confirmed that boob_omatic is sick in the mind probably due to his sad childhood.

  27. it was rumoured that dogs, cats, monkeys and horses make love to boob_omatic when he was a kid. therefore resulting his sick mind. but according to bimbobum, the story was…

  28. boob_omatic developed this mental sickness when he was 8 years old when on one fateful evening, he accidentally saw xes penetrating a cow behind the alley of xes’ house.
    since then, boob_omatic would visit xes’ place just to watch xes performing sexual acts on all sorts of animals. his interests range from human-human, animals-human, human-animals…etc. he was also into threesome, sometimes foursome as and when he felt like it…boob_omatic couldn’t bear watching such beastiality any longer and decided to seek the advice of a psychiatrist and was cured.
    but xes was at it again the next week. this time he was doing it on the roadside with a crocodile!!!…and boob_omatic never healed after that…sigh

  29. after consultations with many of boob_omatic’s friends (if any), they confirm that boob_omatic is disillusioned as well. he always dreamt of people having sex with animals.

  30. as a result of boob’s (un)fortunate death, he became more famous than he ever was. animal pyschiatrists who could communicate with animals told stories of traumatised animals who kept having recurring dreams where boob_omatic would taunt them in their dreams.
    “hahahaha… although i’m dead, you’ll never be free of me! i miss you, horsey, i miss you, too, doggie. come on, give it to me, baby, one more time!”
    one animal psychiatrist reported that a chicken was so traumatised that it couldn’t lay eggs for some time.
    “boob_omatic deliberately entered the chicken’s conscience and shagged it senseless, kept repeating “i miss you, chickie” over and over. it was horrifying,” the psychiatrist said. “who created such a monster?”

  31. Boob_omatic reincarnate! He’s stronger, faster, more powerful, and because of all the bestial sex with horses, he is now endowed with an engorged organ of a stallion!
    With that, he ran over to Xes’ house, found him sleeping in his bed, ripped off his clothes and proceeded to. . .

  32. endroo: i wasn’t saying that you’re giler. i was just giving xes an example.
    “take pictures of the naked xes and posted them to Majalah Gila-Gila and worldwide newspapers publications and…

  33. xes: u cannot prevent ppl from hearing out what other ppl have to say. and if you say that i’m crazy, then you’re of the same kind.
    u started this thing by saying that i like it from behind, playing with horse, hit by car…etc then i ask you, does that make you any more sane than me?.

  34. boob_omatic: but i dont use people’s email to comment here wor. and i dont parody’s people nick to comment here too. lastly, i dont post insulting and annoying messages here. and also, i dont hide behind a pseudo.
    so, you havent answer us, whose email is leechristen@hotmail.com ? 🙂

  35. The troll from the story of the Three Goats bought a copy of Majalah Gila-gila and saw the pictures being credited to boob_omatic the internet troll. He was furious. He wanted to be the only troll in the world.
    So the Troll stalked and found boob_omatic in OUG spying on xes (when in fact, he was actually spying on someone who looks like xes because xes does not stay in OUG) and confronted him.
    “YOU! YOU NO TROLL! I TROLL!” the Troll thumped his chest, trying to frighten boob_omatic.
    boob_omatic laughed, “HAHAHA. I make a better troll than you do! I cause havoc in http://www.xes.cx but what do you do? you wait under the bridge for goats to cross over. SO STUPID LA YOU!”
    the Troll was furious. he pounded boob_omatic like King Kong gone mad.
    “HMMFRGGGHHHHURGHHURGHHHHH” the Troll was actually stimulated by his pounding. he actually started wondering if boob_omatic would fall in love with him.
    the Troll…

  36. xes: what parody?. you dont post insulting msgs?. u sick in the mind. hide behind pseudo?. i can use any nick that i wish to.
    and i dont have to explain to you abt the email.

  37. boob_omatic: its okay u dont need to explain, we know you are using someone’s email to post messages. poor girl, she doesnt even know you are using her email. sicko.

  38. karheng : cannot be, cause i know who he is hahah.
    zhong: actually this post is for readers to connect the story. sort of got out of hand kekek.

  39. .. pushed boob_omatic against the wall and gave him a kiss to kiss his senses away.
    “dO yOu liKe wat yOu see? my bRaZiLiaN waX… jUst fOr yOu…” he mouthed into boob_omatic’s ear as he nuzzled his neck.
    boob_omatic then…

  40. …asked “Why u suddenly get a Brazilian?” Did u just read NST Life and Times and saw that reporter do Brazilian ar????”
    Apparently, A brazilian was reported to offer a “cleaner” and more sexy body as that means almost all the hair was removed…
    Then boob-omatic asked..”Wah..how much did Strip charge you? Expensive or not? If not expensive….I oso wanna do”…

  41. (ohh… he reincarnated… *darn*)
    ….. so the Troll offered to do the Brazillian wax for booby…. but unfortunately….

  42. Catch the 2nd part of Booby’s adventures…exclusively on Xes.Cx! Coming Soon Next Summer…if not then Winter……or just wait until it comes!

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