ยป I think I am re-discovering the wonders of broadband. Ever since I installed the 1Mb Broadband, I realised i have not actually make good use of it until recently i started downloading again. I was told that the latest series of FRIENDS is really humourous.When i finally had the time to sIt back and relax a little, all ready for FRIENDS, with pop corns on my hand, cuddled up on my bed, lights off ( just kidding ;p) suddenly *SPLASH* *SPLASH* 100 best cum shots appeared on the screen. DAMN! Another idiot doing lame jobs of naming their porn as FRIENDS. So much of a humour for the night. That goes on to explain why i keep having porn pop ups everytime i go online. Believe it or not, it is terribly annoying!! I got a bad feeling that my computer is going to crash anytime soon. aRrR* Panic attacks doesn’t do any good, I still ain’t reformatting or backing-up my hard drive, and I’ll sigh with regrets when it crashes..*touch wood ๐Ÿ™‚

Something for you guys to ponder:

Taking from Tony Parson’s novel One for my baby he sets out the the first law of fucking around.

“The unified theory of fucking around clearly states that if they do it once, they will do it again and again.”

How many of you agree to that statement? How many of you can forgive a cheating lover?


6 thoughts on “infidelity”

  1. once a thief always a thief. once u have done it, u realise there wasn’t any commitment, u dun have to call her the next day and wish her morning and i love u. u realise that i was pure fun and u want more of it.

  2. the wonders of being able to watch the latest episodes of f.r.i.e.n.d.s before everyone else :Pi’d have to say that no matter what it takes, it’d definitely be hard to forgive a cheating someone. how do you look past it and not cringe each time he/she touches you again? sorry for the whole melodrama but it’s true, isn’t it? most importantly, can anyone actually find a place in their hearts to truly forgive? to truly believe in that someone once more?it takes years to build up a trust but only a few seconds [let alone one fuck] to completely destroy it.something to think about..*goes away pondering*

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