giving birth

While I was working today, my colleagues were talking about giving birth (they were all ladies). They were talking about the cost of giving birth in private hospital, which is relatively expensive. So I suggested public hospitals. It’s so much cheaper but it seems that it’s not that efficient. Giving birth in General hospital only cost RM50, but the problem is that they kick you out the day after you give birth due to lack of spaces.

One of my colleague’s ex colleagues had a bad experience in General Hospital. She was giving birth hence she was screaming in pain. Then the nurse said,

“Apa jerit-jerit?? Dulu buat apa kau main dengan husband awak?” (Stop screaming you bitch! Why the hell are you screaming? You should have thought of this before you had sex with your husband!)

The nurse kept on scolding her for screaming. Well, it’s normal in Malaysia. Civil servants are well known for their my-father-died-last-night-so-I-cant-smile-now faces. If you’re lucky, you get a smile from them. If you’re unlucky, they will curse at you, your parents, your dog, your cat, your mother’s pussy and so on.

What was your worst experience?

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  1. that nurse must not have had sex in a long long time, or maybe never before. or maybe her child kicked her out of the house. must be either of these scenarios.

  2. yah the nurse probly got no husband to screw. heh, the translation would sound like:Why scream-scream? Last time why you play with ur husband?… sounds weird …

  3. actually, when i was in UH, the nurses and doctors treated my really well. very warm and friendly. in fact, by contrast, sometimes the poor patients are treated even worse by their family members. for the Shouting Nurse who’s so bitter about life, she probably should get transfered out of the labour ward. bringing new life into the world is, after all, so very human, and these courageous new mothers should not be reprimanded for the act! grr. stupid nurse.

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