innOcent flirting.

there’s this guy whom i think is cute. cute when he grins, and he’s a sweetheart, too. he calls me up occasionally to chat and we do lunch sometimes. he sends an sms on and off, and i reply. ;P and he flirts with me un/intentionally that i can’t help but flirt in return.

i guess i have a *crush* on him, just a wee bit. a lil. ;P

but he’s attached. he has a girlfriend. =[

can or should i:
(a) continue to flirt with with him and let him flirt with me, without taking him seriously?
(b) stomp out that lil crush i have?
(c) stop flirting and mention his girlfriend during every chat we have?

[it’s verbal flirting only, there has never been any touchy-feely, body language flirting.]

is it wrong to have a crush on someone’s boyfriend?

some say it’s not. especially if both parties keep it at a distance.

p.s. before you throw virtual tomatoes at me, i do not steal people’s boyfriends. that’s a no no.

37 thoughts on “innOcent flirting.”

  1. xes: oii… where got! i’m still young and innocent. hehe.
    pokai & DaRkS0uL: i think i’m the one supposed to be offended, not you la, pokai. [flirt with you?]
    boobs: aiks. that’s not helping the situation, wei.
    Amos: yeah, he’s a mighty loyal fella tho i bet he flirts with lotsa girls. guess he’s just all talk. =)

  2. bimbobum: i like your nick…but i think the best choice is c….
    pokai: if you can’t tahan, we could share share mate. lol…
    boob_omatic: cool..if the sei wu lei ching is yours, nobody is taking her away from u. 😛

  3. DaRkS0uL: thanks. =) i couldn’t decide if i was a bimbo or a bum. [wait a minute… share who???]
    louyau-mike: definitely! a lil crush can be snuffed out easily. but also, he shouldn’t be flirting the way he does with anyone. i wonder if his gf knows.
    Kian: xes is ghey. ghey grey gay gwei ghey!
    SEI XES!! i am not a wu lei ching!! *stomps feet* i’m not!!

  4. DaRkS0uL:huh? share…cannot cannot…
    bimbobum: yes flirt with me..ngek ngek..*drools* LOL..hmm i like the body language flirting thing you suggest up there..too bad for him..maybe you can do that to me? hehe…;)
    boob: i dont wanna touch her la…i just want to see..
    kian: good suggestion..
    louyau mike: cannot la…see kian’s suggestion

  5. pokai: ;PpPpPPp must get me drunk first.
    dogma: my friends said that too. cos not married wat. but dowan la, cos i’m not wu lei ching!!!!
    rych: aiks. money dun grow on trees, cannot simply throw handphone leh. ;P
    (d) be lesbian instead. steal other people’s gfs?

  6. bimbo: U easy to get drunk? hehe but seriously this guy is not worth it..why confess to him when you know that you will be another victim when he flirts with another girl. so for me ‘b’ is out but rather play him like hell…use ‘a’ but kena him kau kau.

  7. i tot xes was writing the post… & then i read flirt w/ boyfren? wtf xes flirt with a guy? & then look closely… oh bimbobum wrote it.

  8. I totally understand you situation!! except, in my case, I don’t think the guy “officially” has a gf nor planning to have a serious one.
    He’s cute. We click whenever we talk. We got really connected.
    Although I think occasinally flirting with him is fun. but the fact that he has no plan on getting serious with anyone but focus on his career for 3 or more years, I don’t wanna waste my time on him anymore.
    Of course, we are still friends but I rather spend my time on someone who willing to spend the time with me.
    Last but not least, not to mention the GF, how would she feels…. if you were her, to know that your guy constantly flirting with some girl. please don’t shake the tree and say you don’t mean to shake it till its root got losen and eventually die.
    I know you never mean to steal anyone’s BF, butpls don’t ever go there at all.

  9. pokai: haven’t drank in ages, tolerance sure gone down. =) anyway, he flirts too much, so can’t take him seriously, so just leave it as it is. no way do i initiate anything with him.
    radiounit: hahaha…. xes chase bf also i don’t think he’ll publicise it. =)
    Grazie: thanks. about the gf, that’s why i say i don’t make it a habit of stealing ppl’s bf! crazy ah. never do what you don’t want ppl to do to you. [eh, now i’m confused. now you’re thinking i’m meaning/planning to steal ppl’s bf? noooooo noooooo…. i’m not! crazy ah. i don’t want to die alone and soon!] and yes, occasional flirting, the verbal banter is fun, as long as we all know our limits. but i hate it when a person who’s attached does it and goes overboard. who actually jokes about marriage and “imagine this and that” with someone other than his partner, when he has a partner? that is overboard.
    there are several angles/arguments to look at. but i don’t want to get into it here, cos i’ll end up accidentally digging my own grave and end up being misunderstood. bleh.
    two questions here actually:
    (1) is it wrong to have a crush on someone’s bf?
    (2) how to deal with his flirting when he has a gf?
    answers: (1) not wrong, but must run far far away and marry the next person who declares his undying love [pray it’ll be an Anna Nicole Smith situation – lotsa $$!] and (b) keep a clear distance from him and keep flirting minimal [the way we flirt with the policeman, garbage man, post office man, pizza or mcdonald’s delivery man…] and no going out with him!
    p.s. a lil crush is OK, ONLY if we don’t act on it . you know, like having a crush on Orlando Bloom or Enrique Iglesias, but you don’t go flying across the ocean declaring your undying love and wanting to have their babies!

  10. Bimbo: Now u got ur answer oredi…so just dun give a f*ck on him…as wat Grazie said, wasting time only…this is true..dun ever waste yr time on a guy who is not ready to get into a serious relationship…a good way to forget him is to find another target…like xes…hey, dun say he’s a gay…even if he is..err…sorry bro…hehe…please dun look down on them…show ur respect…haha…right bro? LoL

  11. how the heck did you flirt with garbage man? and post office man? urghhhh…..youre meister in flirting or something.

  12. frOstie: =)) aiya, commitment-phobic and an attached man different situation. but nevertheless, no need to waste time hor? =)
    pokai: er…. i dunno la. policeman i know la. ;P

  13. if 2 party feels the same, then why not? both also not married. no legal entanglement =P
    just be sure it’s the right decision and don’t get burned in the end.
    i feel u babe.

  14. go temple. be those “Si ku”
    settle 🙂 oh lei tor fatt! lei pat fan ngor, ngor pat fan lei! lei yat fan ngor, ngor chau fan sei lei? 😛

  15. nottifish: yeah, the tigress in me should just pounce. ;P
    cyber-red: thanks! but it’s a lil crush only. *phew*
    honfaai: wah, sex-less life??

  16. chuoming: so you can reject me? 😀
    honfaai: hehe. advertise yrself here la. we do auction, sure got ppl want. 😀 [no offence ya.]

  17. Hey bimbobum!! ‘A’ is the best! Enjoy the ‘flirting’ session! It’s nothing wrong, u r not taking it seriously, rite? Plus, it’s just a verbal flirting, no touchy-feely, body language flirting..hehe…! Go ahead and enjoy it! 😀

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