Guess? 😀

It’s a gift from Sam, who bought it from Australia few months back. I finally tried it.

Strawberry rock chocolates!

20 thoughts on “Rocks”

  1. i bought some from SG some time ago…they din taste that nice…not chocolatey enough for me…hehe

  2. how come its suddenly so famous wan? i notice everyone seem to be talkin abt these rock stones ever since my brother’s friend bought some back from china for him. is this some sort of new sweet gimmicks?

  3. I’m just a big fan of Mint Chocolate.
    Beryl’s Mint & Bitter, with half green (mint) on the top is yum yum 🙂
    Also *Love* M&M Mint which only available in the USA during Christmas time. yummy yummy 🙂
    Someone get me one of those chocollate pleasssssse 🙂 🙂 I’m not in Malaysia but would be really appreciate it if someone would send it over to me oversea (eieieieiei)

  4. pokai: ummmm… not sure. maybe diabetis though.
    yvonne: sweet and taste like strawberries whahaha
    pikey: i think they ahve it in 1u!
    rych: hard but expired keke
    ivN: she did. but just that i ate your share. HAAHAHAHAH no la. she didnt get any for u ahha
    Miracle: sure u can eat them, but its in the rubbish bin now. expired already!
    jian: yeah! i bought a pack from korea as well. it was a gift for a friend, but her brother ate it before it went to her hands..
    Darren: yea, put it on the road. then pretend that you found it on the road side and eat it. just like how my friend Sow did it, he picked out chiclets from the road. oh wait, he didnt put it there!
    frostie: cmauba wax? wazzaat??
    SuiLin: umm so-so only la
    electronicfly: yeah!! wasnt very tasty for me too!
    honfaai: i think it has been around for quite some time. probably jsut a coincidence that i posted it here and your bro’s friend bought it back from china
    Grazie: I dont think they have that brand in Malaysia. but i saw a shop selling them in loose. you gotta tell them how much you want! M&M Mint:?? omg !! reminds me of M&M peanut butter!
    galfefari: tahm jiak ? hokkien ah?

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