Insecurities Can Ruin a Weekend

When the insecurities just fly out of your mouth, can the men deal with it/them?
1. Your ex is prettier and thinner than me. So…… you think I’m fat?
Just say it! I know you want to! I know it’s just at the tip of your tongue!
2. Why do you still have pictures of you together on your walls and photo frames?
I don’t care if you’re still friends, the pictures should come down! Do you want me to do it for you? I’ll burn them!
3. What, your ex cooks better than I do?
You rather not eat? You think my cooking will give you food poisoning?! How come my ex liked my cooking??!
4. She’s better in bed, too?!
I know, I know! She’s thin so she’s more flexible than I am, right? My boobs don’t jiggle enough?!
5. Your parents like your ex better than they like me?
Then why don’t you get back together with her and marry her?
Well, she does have bad dressing sense….. does that make me hotter?
I doubt that. ;D

12 thoughts on “Insecurities Can Ruin a Weekend”

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