Amarula Cream

Michelle recommended this excellent drink to me.
Amarula Cream is another type of cream liqueur. Taste slightly fruity and caramelish.

Based on the bottle, alcohol content is 17%. Taste excellent with coconut juice. It doesn’t have the bitter alcohol aftertaste.
I was told that a bottle can be purchased from Cold Storage @ RM90 per bottle.
Visit for their cocktrail recipes.

16 thoughts on “Amarula Cream”

  1. Wow! Now I can pretend to be drinking cold teh tarik or something when it’s actually alcoholic, but I think the kooky smile on my face will give me away 😛

  2. Xes: sorry dude don’t you remember i’m staying in a condo? Pool side party with bikinis will be great!!! I will try to get girls with bikinis if they are happy with it…

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