it can’t be thATTt good, rite…

Oh boy…
Oh no.
Help me
I think I am falling
way too fast
It’s got me thinking about the future
and worried as hell about the past
I have seen so many hot hot blazes
come down to nothing but smoke and ashes…


6 thoughts on “it can’t be thATTt good, rite…”

  1. ashes to ashes,dust to dust..everything goes wrong at one point or another..happy times never seem to last..With every window that closesTrust me to point you to an opening doorHell. I’ll even help you pick up the pieces of yourself strewn all over the floorIf there’s ever a time you feel that everything’s at stake and you’re drawing the last card from the deck.don’t worry baby, I’ve got your back.. ;D .. (urm and sides.. up above and I’ll catch you if you fall too.. ) -griN-

  2. babe, always remember…every beginning is some other beginning’s end……=smashing pumpkins=*hugs*

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