It’s tonight!

The Germany 06 Kick Off Party at AFamosa Resort Melaka!
This time round, iv’N, gizzy, Sharon Dilirius and I will be heading there. Meeting Johnson & the rest there. Unfortunately, Sam is not going :s
As for Tay, he promised he’ll be there. I highly DOUBT SO THOUGH. I told him that if he doesnt turn up, he wont be able to get laid for 4 years. YOU BETTER TURN UP TAY! OR NO SEX FOR 4 YEARS!!
And next week.. @ Melaka as well.
TitanZ OrGans Present Project Stomp, Influences of Hardstyle

Featuring DJ Xile, Niekon, Bone, Xtacid and Learn .
Please Contact the Crew as per Above Flyers or Below:
Kuala Lumpur:
Calvin 012 330 0821
Amos 017 933 2221
Khinko 016 686 1045
David @ Averax 012 333 6535
Eugene 016 248 6130
Tommy 012 308 2715
Han 012 684 4788
Mei 016 912 2912
Maciano 016 643 3200
Tommy 016 612 6200
OR you may call up myself or sms Neh aka organiser at 012- 917 4894
Titanz Organs Management establish upon own sponsorship and foundation for Hardstyle music scene. In order to make us to support more talented DJ, your support are much appreciated by both our Management and Raving Crew.
To search funds, event and more influences in our country for more Hardstyle scene, is the only way our management making non-profit to enlarge our business by making more event on time to time.
We will have buses to going down malacca where we might charging slightly a little bit, however, this would be confirm as soon as possible.
Brisbane Stomp Videos
In Melbourne, they have the Melbourne Shuffle. In Brisbane, they have the Brisbane Stomp.
The stomp is mad I tell you. The flips and jumps are crazy! If I were to do that I would lying on the floor, bleeding from my head and foaming from my mouth.
Check out the videos! (Thanks ivN)

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