I’ve been Cheesed – By Cheese

What la, post pictures of my hairstyle? 8 different styles some more! Guys where got some many hairstyles one!!
I usually don’t do all these ‘tagged’ entries, but I’ll give it a shot since Cheese@Ringo‘s theme is pretty interesting.
Let’s see..


Many years ago, dyed long hair. Heh

In UK and Poor. No money to cut hair.

In KL and Poor. No money to trim hair.

yo, yo yippiyeh !

15 thoughts on “I’ve been Cheesed – By Cheese”

  1. waaaaaaah u manage to find all the diff hair pics ah… she tagged me too but i dont have enough pics for her meme… lolz…
    the last hairstyle looks cool… raggae..

  2. Dude, what would the caption of your last 4 pictures be?
    ‘With money, time and not yet a lawyer. Time to experience black culture.’ 😛

  3. Ringo: HEHE thats all i have!!!
    bimbobum: yoyo wassap bum
    efly: let’s see, “Get out from my Court?”
    Amos: yoyoyoy!
    pikey: nvm, u can create hairstyles using photoshop kekek
    Low: Correction, With no money and plenty of time and not yet a lawyer.. heh
    baburs: zomg yeah!
    AYC: heh, dowan la. kena kick out 😛

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