Versatility, Fun & Colour(ful)

Last week, I was talking about how football/futsal brings friends together. This week, it’s alcohol!
When I was young, I never understand why some people like to drink. When there is something to celebrate, people drink. When someone is sad, people drink. When people are bored, they drink too.
I had my first taste of alcohol when I was in primary school. One of my tenants had a can of beer in the fridge. Hence, being young and curious, I appropriated a can from him and drank it. Man, it was awful! It went down the drain immediately.
Notwithstanding the bad experience, years later, I learn to love alcohol!
Especially beer. w00000ttttt
Imagine, a hot sunny day..with a cold beer on your hands…zo..mmg..ggg!!
As long as I could remember, my birthdays were all alcohol powered. I was going through my achieves and I found this picture.

Original post @ Birthday Celebration 2004
I laughed out loud looking at it. Looking back at it, it was extremely fun. If it’s not for the alcohol, we wouldn’t have so much fun 😛
But I always pray that I dont get bombed during my birthday. This year too!
Smirnoff recently launched a line of new flavoured vodka. If I recall correctly, when I was in Singapore last month, I was approached by a number of girls selling shots of Smirnoff (Green Apple, Orange and Raspberry). Each girl had different ways to approach customers. One girl was quite persuasive. She came to our table few times and in a giggly mode, persuaded me to buy a shot from her.
Another girl had a classy method. She came to our table, introduced herself, shook our hands and subsequently offered to sell us a shot.
Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any shots from them and I regret not going so. I used to like Smirnoff’s alcopop when I was in UK. Hence, I bet their flavoured vodka would taste as good as they smell.
But good news, Smirnoff is launching their new flavoured vodka @ Santuary on 25th Jul 2007. Cant wait to try it!
This is a sponsored post courtesy of Smirnoff®, in conjunction with the launch of its SMIRNOFF® line of new flavoured vodkas @ Sanctuary, The Curve on 25th July 2007. For more information about SMIRNOFF® products, please visit the website,

8 thoughts on “Versatility, Fun & Colour(ful)”

  1. Celaka…rupa rupa nyer sponsored post pulak. hahaha. My birthday is tommorow, 17th July but I will be far away from friends and family. Sigh. So i brought a 2 liter bottle of Chivas from the airport to share with the friends and colleagues i made here. But working day…dun wanna get smashed….shall drink this weekend!

  2. Amos: ehe not master la, drunken n00b
    ivN: yeah last time more lengchai, now fei chai LOL
    wolfx: AP BDAY!
    AYc: hehe not red enough! usually its lobster red!

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