Jogoya Restaurant, Starhill, Kuala Lumpur

because i enjoy japanese buffets, because everyone was raving about it, i finally tried out the up and happening taiwanese eatery called Jogoya at Starhill, KL the other day. the price is pretty steep, ranging from RM68++ to RM88++, depending on what time you go.
we were asked to first pay for our entrance which we thought was a bit funny. usually buffet restaurants tend to threaten customers with food wastage penalty, right? i don’t think they do it here, but correct me if i’m wrong. ;P
there was food at every nook and corner of the restaurant! that little clip there? it’s your table number and for food to be cooked, be it tempura or teppanyaki or soup, you drop the clip into the bowl at the display console and the cook will prepare the dish of your choice and it will be delivered to your table. you don’t have to stand around and wait. πŸ˜‰

spoilt for choice. the generous array was overwhelming. the prawn tempura is good. πŸ˜‰
sashimi, sushi and coconut water. hungryyyyyyyyy ;P
crabs …… duck ….. i’m getting hungry just looking at these pictures.
3 hours is not enough to try everything out, i tell you.
honestly, since i started guestblogging for xes, his only instruction for me is, “POST SOME PHOTOS LA!!!!! **yawn*” and what happens? customers in restaurants think i’m from the jungle ok! – it’s quite embarrassing to keep taking photos of food with people looking. BUT i’m learning to be thick-skinned. ;P
dessert! they have a few types of mousse cake: strawberry, black forest, cappucino, chocolate; and tiramisu, cheesecake, cheese tarts, biscuits/cookies, jelly, and fruits. oh, and movenpick ice-cream too. *tries not to look at the pictures* this is not good. feeling hungry again.
anyway, i kept up’s custom of taking pics of the loo. but i won’t put it up la, let it be the guys’ job. ;P
anyway, i demand to award me for another meal there, please, for being so brave to shove my camera into everyone’s food. thank you!

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  1. hey.. the last time i made a trip to taiwan last yr nov, and i had to stop at malaysia first, and the girl sitting next to me in the plane was one of the staff there. she was hired from taiwan haha, and she gave me her name card and it was jogoya :p

  2. bimbobum:with your current popularity i’m sure you get a lot of guys that pays for meal and then we get to see more pics and then more insight into restaurants in malaysia and then, everyone drools. the end.

  3. piffles: yup yup ;P *drools*
    xes: wah, so nice, u sponsor me? hehehe ;P cos my bday coming soon? ;ppPpPp thanks in advance!
    Devilishaz: got discount or not, if you wave the card at the restaurant?? ;P
    Amos: yeah!! the size of my hand, almost. *drools*
    galFeRari: damn good wei!! and they also had cod fish, chicken and all, dim sum corner too …
    lurker: join the club *rubs tummy* ;P
    electronicfly: wah, mebbe u and me have to fight for the drool bucket, if any.. ;P
    rych: where got πŸ™ the whole drool for wat, flood la. ehhehe.
    honfaai: nice meh? ok only la.

  4. SEDAPNESS!! It better be, considering the price.
    Bimbobum: I’m like u also….very malu to take photos. I carry digicam aruond but malu to take pictures. πŸ™

  5. I like the food there….. ..did they serve King Crab when u were there?
    If compare to Shogun(I-U) which one serve more authentic jap food?

  6. irenekay: i definitely enjoyed Jogoya better. but the funny thing is, i think both are not ‘authentic’ jap, since Jogoya is a chain from taiwan. hehe. and no, i don’t remember seeing the King Crab – i was like a lost kambing in the restaurant la, turn to the left, see food, turn to the right, see food …. wooh.
    a friend of mine just went last weekend and she enjoyed it. ;P but of course, you’ll be skipping dinner if you eat lunch there.
    don’t go to shogun. honestly, quality wise, jogoya is definitely better.

  7. i went there dy.. damn nice.. hahaha can go crazy but the thing is got time slot one… hehe i havent posted my pic yet.. ate until i wanna puke hahahahhaha

  8. After heard and read so much about Jogoya last Sunday i have decided to bring my family there to try and have a good weekend. I call to make reservation the same afternoon for a table for 7 at 6.30pm. The girl who taking my appointment was not very friendly. Then i call again at 6pm trying to change my appointment from 6.30pm to 7pm, I was told i wasn’t book in at all but i can come in anytime!? When we get there at 7pm, My 9 years old nephew was told to have to pay for an adult price because he is barely 2″ taller than the receiption counter with his thick sport shoes and punky hair? We try to talk to the waiters and ask him if we can talk tot he manager see if there is anything he can do? but he came and tell us the manager is very busy has no time for us and there is no way we can pay children price for my nephew! I would like to is it this is the way that Jogoya serve their customer and mantain the good name of it? We did not pay for the adult price buit leave with an very disappointed and confused 9years old boy that who doesn’t understand why he can eat in this place because of his thick shoes and ounky hair and the manager didn’t even bother to know or try to help! IS THIS REALLY A GOOD PLACE LIKE WHAT I HEARD BEFORE? I WONDER……..

  9. I went for the 2pm till 4:30pm session and was a little disappointed that they did not have Unagi (Eel) and Cod fish. I also noticed that the Salmon sashimi was not as fresh. Other than that I think they had a wider selection of dishes compared to Shogun at 1U or Saisaki at Wisma UOA2. I especially liked the wide selection of fish that can be cooked in different ways.

  10. i love jogoya food, look the picture already feel hungry…
    em…. so delicious
    im will visit again….

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