The Supernaturals – Do they exist?

Weeks back, one of our employees was ‘possessed’ by a ghost. She ran into a wall, cracking it and then rolled on the floor. It took few guys to subdue her. While she’s doing all that, she was screaming “KELUAR! KELUAR! KELUAR!”. I heard that the ghost possessed a secretary before jumping into her.

She also injured few secretaries as well. Apparently I heard that she grabbed one secretary and threw her on to the wall.

But after reading some Al-Quran verses to her, she eventually calmed down and went back to normal. And surprisingly, she was aware of the things she did. She said she couldn’t control herself.

Supernatural or psychological?

Last week, when I was in my hotel room in Penang, my friend A suddenly sent me a text me telling me that my hotel is not haunted. I thought he was just trying to scare me but his text has a story behind it.

Whenever we have a matter in Penang Court, my firm will provide us a particular hotel which is nearby the Court. Of course, I shall withhold the name.

A was sleeping at one of the rooms in the hotel. Suddenly, he woke up and the room went cold although he did not turn the aircon on. He proceeded to the toilet to do his business and as soon as he walked out from the toilet, the toilet door slammed hard. Things started to get eerie.

He then turned the TV on to find that every channels did not work. Suddenly, the room lights went crazy, it was blinking non stop. He quickly exited the room and made his way to the lift.

The corridor was empty, there was no trays or even door signs hanging on the doors.

A door creaks open. There was no light coming out from the gap between the floor and the door.

Fortunately, before anything could happen, A managed to catch the lift.

That was not the end of it.

On another occasion, X, A’s friend was the victim. It was on the same floor as well.

X was about to go to sleep. Suddenly it went dark. He heard someone scratching the window..long eerie sound.

Suddenly, the TV went on, the bathroom lights were on as well. The TV screen was pitch black though. Just as he was staring at the tv screen, he saw a reflection of a white figure perching on the side of his bed. A hooded old woman was seen perching like spiderman.

X turned to the side of the bed. There was nobody.

X immediately jumped out from his bed. The lights went crazy and the toilet door kept on opening and shutting. He quickly ran out from his room and was greeted by a bell boy.

X iterated his story to the bell boy. The bell boy, acknowledging what has happened, told X that nobody lives in the room most of the time.

Now.. look behind you 😀

14 thoughts on “The Supernaturals – Do they exist?”

  1. i’ve read about those ppl who get possesed…and apparently..most of them won’t remember a single shit after the “bad spirit” has left them. Normally those things will take control over u, as if u’re pupets to them.and make u damage yourself or do bad things…such as throwing a secretary to a wall =)

  2. just go down and said u wanna change room..hotel will understand…:P
    btu stupid la, they shouldn’t give ppl the rOOm at the first place..
    hmm..what does it have to do with dowan to travel!~ i will stay my aunt’s

  3. me n my frens saw this white figure around 3am while driving…it was jumping up and down about 100meters away..i tot it was sum aunty going for taichi..when my frens dropped me home,they passed by again it was still there…cudnt rely see the face.

  4. for years and for so long i wish i could experience the supernatural but it never did come to me. pskkk…gimme the hotel room and name lah, wanan go DISCOVERY CHANNEL sometimes la.

  5. Buahahaha….something like your Kemboja smelling vampire/langsuir ghost u told a few months back.
    Your office staff might be epileptic or schizophrenic. Ask her go check at local physician.

  6. wah u all got nth to do ar… this kinda things also wanna play… in penang i also seen this kinda things fren kana posess…

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