CLP here i come!

It has been confirmed. I won’t be leaving for UK anymore, as I will be doing my professional paper in Brickfield’s College. YAY! However, my bar school application is still pending so, ah fuck it la, I want to stay in Malaysia.
Looking for the college was bloody hectic. After 30 minutes of looking and couple of phone calls asking for direction, I finally found the college accidentally. I went into the main door but found the place empty. However, an Indian lady came up to me and I told her I wanted to register into the college. She then gave me some direction, which is fucking vague, and took me another 10 minutes to find the administration office.

The college was hit by a scandal last year. Apparently there were exams leaks and mark fixing. But yet it seems Brickfield’s College is still the best in this field.

I bumped into Kelly, my University Course mate, in the administrative office. She and her friends are scouting around for a CLP (the course I’m taking) college. I quickly filled the form, which requires no deposit payment (therefore I could back out anytime) and chatted with Mr. Pranium, the lecturer who attended me. As I finish the form, Mr. Pranium was looking at me, expecting me to ask him something. I couldn’t think of anything that has something to do with my course. I ended up asking him, “So.. where can I park my car?” He gave me a longgggg explanation.

Anyway, my timetable is pretty weird. I got class on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Thank god my Saturday and Sunday classes are on the afternoon otherwise there goes my nightlife.

Advertising in The Star newspaper
My mum has been operating a student hostel business for more than 10 years. This time round, she wants me to help her advertise her business on the newspaper. The Star classified counter was just few blocks away from Brickfield�s college but it was a long walk. The young Indian lady (Brickfields area is predominantly Indian) who attended me was pretty rude.

”Hi, I would like to place an advertisement on the classified section”
Lady looked up, without a smile, said, �Go fill up the form there�

What the f*ck is wrong with Malaysians man, f*cking rude motherf*ckers. Anyway, my advert will appear on the Star on the 22, 25 and 27 of August. Look for the one, which says, “BANDAR SUNWAY, fully furnished room, suitable for students”

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