Just ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Talk About It In the Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Narrow-minded

Remember those high school days when some rascals (the boys) would tease some prim and proper girls about sex? They’d exaggerate stories, within their restricted knowledge, and say something like, “The guy will come up to you and grind himself on you from behind, and then touch your ‘nen-nen’ (breasts) and you will like it.”
The common reaction from the girls would be to huff and say, “Euww, you are so disgusting! You’re dirty-minded!”
Fast forward to today, and try saying that same thing to the girls. One of them would probably say, “Yes, and then I’d elbow him right in his nuts, turn around as he lets go of my lovely boobs, squeeze his nuts and tell him, ‘Try that again and you’re going to be a eunuch.’ “
Nope, that don’t scare us no more. ;P

I was just wondering, whether it is fair to judge someone as being narrow-minded or conservative, should the person feel uncomfortable talking about sex. Some people talk about sex so openly that it offends the sensitive ears of others. Some will listen, but not contribute – that doesn’t mean they aren’t liberal in bed, mind you. ;P
I have both type of friends. The open ones who’d talk about it so casually during dinner that you’re afraid the parents at the next table with 3 young kids would shut them up – man, that is so embarrasing, especially when my friends have such loud voices!
I know of someone who’s a lecturer. He told a friend of mine that his lectures include a lot of sexual innuendos to keep his students attentive. My friend begged to differ, saying that if word got out about his teaching techniques, it may reflect badly on him. Yes, we should be open minded but if it goes on and on, it may get tiresome.
When I say tiresome, I’m talking about certain friends who have to make sexual innuendos about every single thing. For example, while having dinner together, you say, “That brinjal looks lovely.” and he’ll reply, “Oh yeah, remember when it was longer, I bet you’d want to use it for yourself.” -_-
You know where he’s coming from, and it’s not really that funny.
Whatever it is, I believe there is a time and place to be talking about sex. And most definitely not at a coffee shop where you have to raise your voice to speak over the noise.
Not forgetting when you’re really drunk and wrapping yourself around a hunk of a man, try not to tell him about your sexual exploitats – in case he’s still sober and he remembers every single detail, and takes advantage of you. ;P

18 thoughts on “Just ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Talk About It In the Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Narrow-minded”

  1. I don’t usually talk about sex with total strangers, even with a lot of my friends, only certain friends whom I know are open minded about it.
    I knew a friend who said to a whole table full of people: “Come on guys! We’re young adults, we should be open about such things! You, have you masturbated before??”

  2. “nen nen” LOLZ…
    I’ve a friend who likes to talk about his sex bible every time i went out with him,and im getting bored with his sex bible..

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