Legal Life part II

For the past 4 weeks, I haven’t had time to do anything else than working. I am currently involved in one full blown litigation case.
My department have been churning out letters, bundles and affidavits like a biscuit factory. We’ve been chasing deadlines like mad, working till 10PM to 1AM daily, 7 days a week. Fighting a full blown litigation case with tight deadline is no easy task, it’s almost impossible to handle one case without any form of assistance from anyone.
My case was fixed for hearing few days back. We had to work past earthly hours for it.

On the eve of the hearing of my case, my secretary tendered her resignation. GIVING 1 WEEK NOTICE. In her resignation letter, she said that she has just been offered a position in the government sector. In addition to that, she said she’ll stay on until 20th November 2006 to sort things out. However, on the next day, I found a young Malay girl sitting on my secretary’s desk. The girl said she’s my temporary secretary.

Me: Where is my secretary?
Girl: I dont know, No one came this morning. I am your temporary secretary.
Me: How temporary is temporary?
Girl: Umm..1 month.
Me: O_O
Girl: I have no experience.
Me: /(*O*)\

I dont have the time to teach her!

Since I had to work late to prepare for the case the following day. I text my Dad saying, “I skip dinner. Big case tomorrow”.

He replied with, “I skip dinner”.

I felt quite puzzled. Wondering why is he telling me that he’s skipping dinner when I already told him that I will be skipping dinner.

Hours later,. my boss said, “CL, Why did you message me telling me that you’re skipping dinner and you have a big case tomorrow?”

Me: …. Err.. O_O”

18 thoughts on “Legal Life part II”

  1. So kesian, at the most crucial moment your secretary bails out on you. I’d make that face too /(*0*)\ and say: “Somebody put me out of my misery already, PLEASE!” XD

  2. julz: I skip dinner too.
    pikey: yeah! 6 months no break already!
    Epel: hehe, secretary bailing us out during the crucial moment is quite common keke
    Darren: i will!
    Low: hehe yeah man. we’re in the same boat
    wendy: hehe thanks!!
    abalon: yeah she’s alright
    rych: hehe no la. i’m doing civil litigation, not criminal hehe
    karheng: litigation includes criminal litigation as well.

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