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Swearing 101
Kaninabeh chao chebye(Fuck Your Bloody Mother’s smelly pussy (Hokkien)), i am the teacher for your class of Swearing 101. Before i start, i want to warn you of the consequences for not paying attention in class. For the guy, I will kick his lan jiao (dick (Hokkien) and crush his lan hoot (balls (Hokkien)). For the girl, i will smash your nen nen (breasts (Hokkien)) with a hammer. Understand!!!
Ok, let’s start French first:-
merde – shit
manges la merde – eat shit
tu m’emmerdes – you’re pissing me off
(Lit. you’re shitting on me)
tu me fais chier – you are pissing me off
vas faire foutre
a la vache – go fuck a cow.
encule – fuck you (anal style!?)
salope, ordure, conasse,
poofias – bitch
va te faire voir,
va aux diable,
aux pelotes,
fous la camp,
va te faire cuire un oeuf,
va chier,
te faire voir chez lez Grecs!
– go to hell!, Fuck off!
vas te faire foutre – go get fucked (lit: stuff you)
vas te faire enculé – fuck you
fils de pute – son of a bitch
tu m`emmerdes! – Fuck yourself!
une vieille bique,
il est becheur – an old bitch, pompous ass
le con, la conasse,
la chatte – cunt
baiser – to fuck
ce sont des conneries – that’s a load of shit
leche moi et saire me renier
– lick me and make me cum
tete moi le dard, enculé!
– suck my dick,
you fucked faggot!
mes couilles sur ton nez – my balls on your nose
putain, pute – whore
cul – ass
bite – cock
pauvre con – asshole (lit: you poor cunt)
vas pisser dans
les fleurs – fuck off (lit: go piss in the flowers)
c’est rien que
de la merde – its just a bunch of shit
maudite vache – asshole/bitch/etc – (lit: damned cow)
va chier – go shit
tu mangeras le tas – you can eat the pile
(usually an answer to “va chier”s)

Now in Arabic:-
Koos – cunt.
nikomak – fuck your mother
sharmuta – whore
zarba – shit
kis – vagina
zib – penis
Elif air ab tizak! – a thousand “dicks” in your ass!
kisich – pussy
Elif air ab dinich – A thousand dicks in your religion
Mos zibby! – Suck my dick!
Waj ab zibik! – An infection to your dick!
kelbeh – bitch (lit a female dog)
Muti – jackass
Kanith – Fucker
Kwanii – Faggot
Bouse Tizi – Kiss my ass

Okay, now you have learn how to swear in two languages;You are ready for your first class quiz. My question to you is “Find Osama’s zib in the picture below.”

Take your time to answer the question cos there is no time limit. If you fail to answer the question then you are damn fucking stupid.

7 thoughts on “Kaninah”

  1. zib = penis
    hence…..osama’s zib is the thingy moving down there.
    do i get a shiny star sticker for a correct answer?

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