Seoul, Korea.

Before I succumb to the wrenching lifestyle of legal work this 1st December, I’ve decided to make a trip down to Seoul, Korea for a 5 days 4 nights holiday starting 22nd November.

Yes yes, I’ll try to get you guys some souvenirs.

I’ve made a list of places to go. They are Gyeongbokgang Palace, Dongdaemun Market, 63 Building and Chongno-2-ga. And of course, the Philatelic Department of South Korea Postal!!

Introducing the most delicious stamp ever!!!

Any other interesting place to visit in Seoul?

I thought of visiting the 38th Parallel at Panmunjeom (the buffet zone that divides North and South Korea). However, I heard that all tourists must follow a tour group and certain places of interest are not accessible (for example the discovered tunnels built by North Koreans. However some sources claims that it is accessible).

Btw, any South Korean readers want to meet up in Seoul (I doubt I have any though)? 😀

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  1. wei! why so fun one!! all funded karrr? i also want a holiday. dang! why are you always going places? *sniff*
    I can’t even afford to go to Redang at the moment let alone somewhere out of Msia. *tee hee* have fun tho!

  2. Dang man, you are going to the place I’ve been wanting to visit for years.
    The 38th Parallel, also known as the Demilitarise Zone (DMZ) Is a buffer not buffet zone that seperates the north from the south. No food there. Only mines. The most in the world. It as also the border that has the most military presence in any 2 countries.
    Kinda like when you put US beside the middle east countries.
    Anyway, if u do go there, can you bring me back an anti personnel mine or something? They’ve got so much there that I think they won’t mind if 1 is missing. Thanks dude.
    p.s. Don’t forget your bullet proof vest and pants 😛

  3. gguni: the 38th parallel is a buffer zone la. Buffer zone is a neutral area between hostile or belligerent forces that serves to prevent conflict. i think one of the main attraction there is the propaganda village over at north korea. everyday you can hear speeches urging south koreans to defect to north korea 😀

  4. Go to Lotto Disneyland and go on Gyro Swing! One of the best rides ever. lol. Btw, don’t bother about Samsung Disneyland. That’s for kids! hehe. awww..miss korea. Best time in winter. There is this street called ghost st. or something. Strange things happen there. The bottle of water on the ground rolled up the slope instead of the other way round, defying gravity! I’m sure there is a reason for it. Too bad im not much of a geologist. :p Have fun xes! Catch ya at the end of the yr. I’ll be back on the 12th for two months. xx

  5. yay! chengleong..i’ll see u after ur trip wif my souvenirs k?! i also want tshirt! haha anyway, remember this girl in our jap class back in sheff?? her name is ..heidi i think? u want her contact?? i think i have her email address..ehehe darn!!! u’ve been travelling so much this year alone!! *jealous*

  6. di0n: sure i will! 😀
    pikey: my friend ate too much kimchi till she had diarrhea eehhehea
    Mary: arent those places u just mention are in jeju island? 😀 okok we shall meet up this year end! hope you wont ffk us again la!! heheh
    bitchie: mmm i tot of emailing her as well…butthen i dont know whether she remembers me or not ler. tshirt? ok la I Love Korea tshirts okay? ehhe
    DKBU: nanta show? what is it? i hope its something heterosexual..

  7. xes. i’m not too sure. i travelled all around south korea. anyway, i think lotto disneyland is in seoul. man. it’ll be good if u know a bit of korean cause they can’t speak english for nuts!

  8. ah shit. better change my encyclopedia. gif me wrong info.
    but still better bring some bullet proof vest and pants should Mr. Kim Jung decides to fire some missle coz his hands itchy.

  9. Lynnz: see first. kekek
    ihnb: okok will inform u what is best in seoul! 😀
    gguni: if he decides to fire missiles ah..i think bullet proof vest + helmet cant save me la kekek
    Mary: i’m not a fan of rides hence i think i’ll skip lotte land ler. keke what is nice to eat there eh? other than kimchi
    DBKL: WOW! sounds interesting… did u watch it when u were there?
    frank: no cannot!! shall remain a tribute page to me ekekek

  10. [xes] Yeah! The show was fantastic! IMHO, everyone who visits Korea should go watch the Nanta Show!
    BTW, this is DKBU not DBKL! Open your eyes bigger!

  11. apart from kimchi, ummm… everything is mostly grilled or perhaps in a hot pot. nice food though. i like korean food. u won’t have a prob when it comes to eating. they are yummy albeit they have kimchi with every meal!

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