Kevin Saunderson, U SUCK

Kent Choice: e.Motion Featuring Kevin Saunderson
Date: 13 December, 9pm
DJ : Kevin Saunderson (Techno pioneer)
Genre : Techno ( Detroit style)

To finish off the run-up to the year-end e.Motion Finale, Kent brings down one of the godfathers of techno, Kevin Saunderson, to throw a party that will keep techno heads out there buzzing for days.

RM50 (inclusive of 1 drink), RM25 (before midnight, for first 300 KCC members, inclusive of 1 drink)

I went for the rave at Atmosphere featuring Kevin Saunderson, the GODFATHER OT TECHNO.


Godfather of techno, is that all you can do?????? His beat mixing was fuckup and the songs he played aren’t hard as well. There was a point where he was playing salsa music. I wanted to run up the stage and yell, “Godfather of techno, is that all you can do???”. Well of course I didn’t. The place was too packed to move at all. Despite that, loads of friends were there. Met up with many of my long lost friends.

Shoutouts to Jeslyn, Sasa, Chin, Jennifer and all the usual faces in Atmosphere! (Please not that I hate that place, I go there cause loads of my friends go there and it’s one of the remaining decent clubs in KL). Btw, thank you Gavin for the cheapo ticket, I owe u a blowjob (ATTN: To avoid confusion, I’m not giving him a blowjob but I’ll get someone to give him a blowjob 😀 ).

Picture from Sui Lin’s website

me, callie, Sui Lin, Ben, Ben, Ivan and Gavin..

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  1. i cant help but notice how your website is supported by 4 guestblogger but one is not posting at all, its a travesty and the skys quiver in painful sorrow that Frank no longer posts.Bring back Frank.

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