The Rotiboy phenomenon

I’m a big fan of Rotiboy, a well-known brand name for Mexican Bun. My friends and my dad are a fan of it too. It started off in Kuala Lumpur in the early 2001 and within 2 years, it has 8 outlets and even provides a delivery service!

The founder was an unemployed university graduate. So he decided to start a bakery selling Mexican bun (the recipe was the brainchild of his sister). According to dad, when he first started in Wisma Central, he sells about 300 buns a day (It was RM1.30 per piece). And now, according to an interview of the founder, he sells about 10, 000 to 20, 000 buns a day (RM1.50 per piece). Hence that would be 7 million Ringgit sales a year!

As predicted, copycats mushroomed. There is even a Mexican bun stall at my usual seafood pork noodles shop (some shitty place with good food). Rotiboy has issued a warning to customers to be aware of imitation.

Eat until can CUM aaah!!!!

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