Kf’s bday and IFE.

Happy Birthday to Khai Fei!

The braids on my hair are falling off. I had to visit the salon again for the lady to fix it back for me. She retied 3 of my plaits for free. According to her, my plaits fell off probably because my hair is too short. If the problem still persists, I would have to remove my braids. Grr

I was just been informed about Ginny’s father demise. Ginny is a friend of mine and another fellow blogger from Brazil.
Her father passed away on the 14th Of November 2002 (May he rest in peace). People please visit Ginny’s website to cheer her up!

Ginny’s website

One thought on “Kf’s bday and IFE.”

  1. Awww… How sweet of you! Thanks for the plugage=). Yeah, may he rest in peace… And he’d better watch out for me! Isn’t God a lucky guy to have daddy by his side?! *l*Take care—>VY!=)

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