University of Sheffield International Food Evening

I just came back from my University’s International Food Evening. It was amazingly boring and I was too full to eat anything (my housemates made roti canai and curry for dinner). There weren’t much societies participating in the food evening. Some societies, namely the Brazilian and Malaysian Society, didn’t set up any stalls to sell food.

I bought a mango ice cream from the Thai Society. Apparently, it’s well known to be pretty good. It’s not creamy like ordinary ice cream. It’s tasted like shredded ice and mango juice but no doubt its good.

There weren’t many things to do and see. We walked around to check out the stalls and then spent the remaining rest of the night standing on the same spot, watching some performance. As soon as the stalls closed at 1030pm, they had a disco night thing, just like the one they had last year. As usual, they were playing R&B music (I hate R&B shits!). Charles, Wen Dee and I ended up sitting outside the lounge waiting for Siew Lee and Shane (they wanted to stay a little while longer to dance).

The new MASSOC committees were giving out their leftovers. They forced me to take a huge bag of nasi lemak (rice), curry chicken and ‘wantans’ (fried dumplings). Since I was still bloated with dinner, I was trying to give it away by offering it to everyone I know. However, no one wanted it. Even Simon, my Muay Thai committee mate, rejected my offer. the end I was frustrated and decided to return the food back to MASSOC. As soon as I arrived, even before saying a word, the committees gave me a box full of leftovers to take home. Immediately, I threw my leftovers in to the box and disappeared among the crowd.