I went for my weekly kickboxing classes with Ryan today. This time was better, more girls, oh wait, ladies, they were pretty old actually. Damn. So anyway, Ryan was skilfully punching and kicking every move that our Instructor ordered.

Instructor: Left jab, right jab, body punch, right hook, left hook, 4 body punches bsfhsdfhsfhsfhsjfsh (I zoned out after the 4 body punches. I don’t remember the remaining moves he said)
Ryan: *bish * bish *bish

He did all the moves. PERFECTLY
Then it was my turn…

/me punch…then forget the remaining moves, stood there like an idiot while the others were punching. Instructor shouts at me. I was totally confused. Too many moves. I cant remember jackshit…

But overall, the class was good. Will be going again next week.

Sg. Wang
Yesterday, Sui Lin, Sow, Wei Chen, Wen Dee, Cris, Ben, Johnson and I went to Sg. Wang. We went shopping, window shopping, hung out at the arcade and yamcha.

We were pretty tired by the end of the evening, so while walking with around Sg. Wang, I jokingly said,

“Ben, go get me a drink!”

Ben said, “Look at my face, do you see whiskers on my face??”

“Do you see a tail on coming out from my backside?”

“Do I look like a dog to you???”

Man, it was damn funny…

10 thoughts on “kickboxing”

  1. Gavin, some people are just slower in getting things besides, Ryan has been going for classes so long already as compared to Leong (i think) so don’t simply call people slow and stupid! 🙂

  2. WOOF! (this must be one of the cutest joke I’ve heard … and I’m trying to picture it coming from Ben)HAHAHAHHA … *rolling on the floor*

  3. chenghai…u middle-age-woman magnet lar….1st was finnish lady, den yong taufu lady, den bubble tea lady….. and de u haf unkle maverick (LOL)..I wonder who would be next…kekekekke

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