corrupt1on in Malaysia

Corrupt1on in Malaysia
A friend of mine was cruising down a highway at 90KM/H. Unknown to him, the speed limit was 80KM/H and unfortunately for him, there was a roadblock.

He wound down his window as the Malay police spoke to him,

“93KM/H eh? Over speed limit ni..”
Friend: Ah? Saya ingat speed limit 90KM/H. Somemore saya pandu perlahan! (I thought the speed limit was 90KM/H. Furthermore I drove slowly!)
Police: Ah, speed limit 80KM/H kalau kau pandu 83KM/H saya takkan saman. So sekarang nak bayar kat balai police? (Ah, the speed limit is 80KM/H. If you drove 83KM/H, I wouldn’t have stopped you. So, pay at the police station?)

Obviously, the police was impliedly saying that he wants a br1be. Friend thinks for a while and said,

Friend: encik boleh tolong? (Can you help me sir?)
Police: RM50 boleh? (RM50 would do)
Friend: alah, bulan ni tak cukup duit la, RM20 la.. (I’m on a tight budget this month, would RM20 do?)
Police: hmmm..ok la.

Friend was happy that he managed to reduce the bribe to more than 50% so he reached out for his wallet.

Friend: ShitT!!! I got only RM10!

He gave RM10 to the police.

Friend: Sorry la bang…wallet ada RM10 saja. (Sorry sir, I got only rm10 in my wallet)

Police: (looks disappointed )aaaaahhh…

After accepting the money, he immediately walks away. There was another car behind approaching behind my friend’s car. I guess another victim for Mr. Policeman.

The gang felt like clubbing today so we headed to Atmosphere. It was pretty good but the music was pretty sucky as usual. Oh well, that’s the only decent place we can hang out nowadays.

One of our friends had an overdose. That fellow was tripping so badly till his eyeballs rolled up. We had to smack him and pour cold water on him.

Thank you Lisar for bringing me into Atmosphere! ;D

I left early. I got class tomorrow and I had to fetch Sui Lin (sorry-ar I made your break your curfew! hehe), Lisar and Irene home.

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin

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  1. Yeah. I went to Brickfields today, but come back before the class starts. KNNCB, I didn’t know the class will launch at 2.00pm. Was there before 10am. Took all notes and scrammed at 11am.

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