Life as a chambie..

South Korea aside, hello legal life.
I started work in a law firm with 200 over people last week. Oh my god, so many people to meet!! I can’t remember all their names!!
I am now put in a crummy corner surrounded by mountain of files with 3 other chambies. So far not much work for me as it’s the end of the year and most offices are closing for xmas.
Despite the huge population, the firm is all work no play. Work finishes @ 530PM but most of them will stay till late! A colleague of mine stayed till 530AM went home, and came back to work..Too much work it seems.. I feel like I’m working like a Japanese…
Frank and I are getting busier by day. Soon, we’ll have no time for this website. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hand together now and say..”CLOSE SHoP LUUUUUUU!!”

14 thoughts on “Life as a chambie..”

  1. Hey…dude…u can work till 5.30 am too wat…i mean on updating this site..dun lar close shop..i rely on ur site for interesting info wei…anyway enjor ur chambering life man…where u again…leehish? who else is there?

  2. Suilin: which head? i got 4 heads!!
    ivn: you’re going down with Meeeeeeeee die die die!!!
    janet: keke dowan ler i want my beauty sleep..and ssshhh dont say where i’m working. i’m working with daniel now
    karheng: yeah man.. working life..suckss
    liew: mmm i invite u as guestblogoger can ler..but porno er.. cnanot la keek
    Ben: chap lapp luu
    ferker: kekekee i think i need more stamps to work
    myke: keke thanks
    frnk_omatic: no worries, this domain doesnt expire till 2006 and the web hosting contract is 1 year
    jinhan: hehe urs never update also

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