Day 4, Day time @ Seoul, South Korea

This time round, we managed to get to Cheongnyanyi in time. I got myself the latest Christmas Stamp issue at the Post Office there. w00t! While waiting for Jane to make a phone call, an old man pushing a cart of bananas was shouting loudly in Korean. Jane and I had no idea what he was doing. It sounded like he was trying to sell his bananas but in an angry tone. Maybe gone crazy due to the Korean War.

Chuncheong is the place where the famous Korean Drama, Winter Sonata was shot. It is also very popular in Japan. I heard many Japanese obasans (aunties) were injured after trying to catch a glimpse of the main actor, Bai Yong Jun when he visited Japan.
Yong Jun’s face is everywhere. I see his face more than the President’s face. Japanese obasans were everywhere as well.

There is a Winter Sonata tour as well. One can hire tour guides to bring you around . Jane and I decided to go on our own. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. We got lost and even missed our train! We only managed to visit the part where Yong Jun and Choi Ji Wu first met. There were couple of souvenir stalls selling Bai Yong Jun merchandise and a Yong Jun mannequin.

We wanted to go to Chongdo Island (also where Winter Sonata was shot). We couldn’t find the jetty though. We ended up abandoning that plan and also missing our train to Gapyong.

Since we had to wait for an hour for the next train, I decided to commit a crime. I stole a stamp from an abandon post box. Hehe

4 thoughts on “Day 4, Day time @ Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Aduh~ no good ler… steal stamp. But it’s true other countries stamp so pretty if compare to Malaysia one. Hey great pic of the red leaves. By u or Jane? Average age of Yong sama Japanese fans is 46! Imaging that. Er~ frankly speaking, I think the left one looks better. 😛 Hee… how come u n Jane oso go into the Winter Sonata heat ar? Did both of u replay some of the scenes in the drama? 😛 Want see ler~

  2. irene: jsut flash ur boobs to them. they’ll understand
    fishfish :red leaves by me! i’ll post up some korean stamps on my subsequent post! 😀 mmmm jane was interested in seeing it..i tag along cause i wanted to see the nature.. hehe and nono i wont post up those mushy pictures keke

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