life is so full of shittt..

Ah yes, life is so full of surprises. I just had another shocking revelation. On my 21st birthday, I found out that I have a half sister. Couple of months ago, I found out that Starwing, an old friend of mine is my first cousin. And today, I found out that I have another half sister. She’s my sister’s (the one who I found out on my 21st birthday) sister. Her name is Jenny and she’s already married with kids. I didn’t know we were siblings until today even though her husband used to baby-sit me when I was a kid while my family were at her place. He taught me how to ride a motorcycle but after he had kids of his own, he didn’t bother babysitting me anymore. I got to know this from my sister’s email that reveals the past that was shielded from me for the past 22 years. It was absolutely shocking but it surely satisfies my curiosity that has been going on and on for years. Anyway, I’m fine and I’m not mentally affected by it. But ahhh… what a complicated family!

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  1. sl aahh u gonne gimme a surprise ah? ehheesther khaw: ehahaehea ooo somebody started blogging oleidi 😀 heheeh

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