trip to greece cancelled

Last year, I planned to go backpacking around Europe. Earlier this year, I had to limit the countries to visit after realising the total cost for it (it�s about 400 pounds a country) and couple of weeks ago I was planning to head to Greece. But now, I�m not going to Greece anymore due to lack of funds! I guess I�ll just stay in Sheffield until Abby comes.

Check out miss aura’s Journal. I got it from wyinn. Lovely photos 😀

BMW Z4 advert taken from National Geographic Special magazine
I like this BMW Z4 advert! No fancy slogans needed, just “!!!!!!!!!!!!” haha. Sorry about the quality. I scanned it from this month’s National Geographic Special 😀

9 thoughts on “trip to greece cancelled”

  1. 400 pound each country for backpacking tour? eek, isnt it too expensive? well just sleep at the rail sstation and eat less!

  2. wendee: nooo 🙁 if wc sponsers me maybe :Dlove: hehe i cant wait! :Dexmatemate: hehehe, told u edi, i’ll be your agent! you make money for me okay ? everyone else: 😀 one big happy smile hehe

  3. hehe Z4 damn nice la. i saw a “documentary” on it.. damn niceeeeeeeeee! the engine sound is enuff to make you wet ur pants! :D~

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