Losing Hair

I am losing so much hair whenever I wash my hair, and when I wake up, I see hair on my pillow and my floor beside my bed.
They say it’s normal for about 30-40 (pieces? =D what’s the penjodoh bilangan for hair, anyone?) hair to drop daily. Perfectly healthy!
But pulling out dropped strands of hair while washing my hair is a scary thing.
Is it the diet? Is it the shampoo?
I hear that eating lots of spinach and protein will help make your hair stronger. But it doesn’t talk about preventing excessive hair dropping!
Any advice for a balding girl?

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  1. zOMG! FIRST!!!
    Are you sure that’s hair from your head? You know it might be from somewhere else..

  2. strands, darling, strands *in best england voice*
    you should avoid pulling your hair when it’s wet coz then is when hair gets weak and breaks easily.
    I think it’s normal to lose hair liddat, especially if you wash every other day oni and have long hair. Mine’s liddat, and I still have veli veli thick hair.

  3. It’s strands of hair, not pieces of hair 🙂
    Hair loss is a common problem. You can consult a doctor for your hair loss. They have prescription for it.

  4. xes: aiya, shave bald for charity wan lah. so if i shave bald, how much u gonna pay me? ehehehehe
    electronicfly & Kok Hon: THANK YOU TEACHER!!! i DID think it was ‘strands’ but as i typed the sentence out, the bimbo in me surfaced and my mind went blank. i need engrish tuisyen, man…. ;P
    p.s. e-fly: but the hair from the scalp, not to say broke halfway also!
    visitor: choiiiii but i’m not really balding…… yet. just hair drops a gazillion times a lot! ;(
    baburs: u tell me!
    Mellissa: studying too hard, perhaps? 😉

  5. I read somewhere that being a vegetarian and not consuming red meat makes you drop hair too. So stock up on the red meat!
    And caps! Let your locks loose 🙂 and invest in a good hair scalp shampoo. And cut down the salt.
    Just from someone who once had this problem :). Cheers! Hope it works on you!

  6. Low: i’m still in my tweens. hehehe i mean TWENTIES. sobs.
    thegeekpink: ohhhhh, more meat huh? 😉 i don’t cook with a lot salt, so that’s not an issue. but yeah, the good shampoo is a must. shall hunt for one today 😉
    endroo G: that’s for men! men have receding hair lines wahahaahahaha

  7. strands!! not pieces!! ROFLMAO!! HAHAHAHAHA sniff* that really made my day 😉
    anyway it could be from the food u eat as well. its kinda true when they say eating too much instant noodles causes hair to drop. experienced it before.

  8. thanks zing. i is clown for the day. ;P
    yes, heard bout the instant noodles as a cause, too. that’s MSG for ya. i enjoy instant noodles, sadly i have to admit, but i hardly have them anymore!

  9. no no no… it’s most probably bcos of the hair styling.. eg colouring, perm, rebonding.. Most of the girls i know (including me) drop more hair after doing any of this super damaging things to their hair.

  10. i remember i read of a hair loss treatment product on The Sun the other day. That Shabby Singh wrote a testament on his hair loss. I was kinda touched.

  11. Hair loss is an increasingly disturbing problem among young people. From my own personal experience, the single most decisive factor would be LIFESTYLE. This includes how well you eat and how stressful is your environment plus a string of other variables.
    Eat less MSG would definitely help. Believe me, it does wonders! Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetable and DETOX! Keep your scalp healthy by using good hair products and avoid harsh chemical treatments. Use some nutrient balance lotion (I’m using Wella’s) and it’ll generally help to improve your scalp’s well-being.
    Prescription drugs are usually unnecessary unless you suffer from a chronic condition. Good luck with your hair loss fight!

  12. cnigel: o_O
    Fellow: one say eat balanced diet of meat, you say eat more fruits and vege…… ?
    endroo G: no need hair loss treatment yet lah, must be the damn diet and shampoo! for now, that is ;D
    haze: o_O yeah, must be the colouring. i better not be blondie anymore….

  13. hi, im losing hair everywhere but my head. can fix arr? if u find any relevant info, pls forward to me. 😀

  14. hi i want ask about the wella product have promotion for salons because my friend tell me she got a person telephone her and she said wella company give the promotion so i want to ask true or not.

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