In Melaka – 2.6.2007

We were stuck in traffic for 3 hours.

We ate

We saw

We had fun 😀

13 thoughts on “In Melaka – 2.6.2007”

  1. first…! for the first time! (boy, and i thought this was childish.. =P)
    hey, you’re making me hungry with the pictures of the food! btw, nice pics!

  2. You had: lunch, snack, snack, snack, dinner.
    You saw: Old Malacca city in which you were walking and hanging about within a 3 kilometre radius for roughly 8 hours.
    I hate: being stuck in traffic for 3 hours. I would have committed GBH on a few people by then.

  3. what the hell were you doing in melaka? you’re supposed to be in the office working because thats the only thing all lee hish lawyers do

  4. Low: wow, you know what I did huh!
    cm: i was working in melaka la. ahhahaha no la just j/k 😛
    xer0: im not sure where exactly is that place. i wanted to go but i dont know how to get there!
    missfab: Miri dont have ice kacang? hehe
    Darren: can can, but it’s almost 2 hours away from KL. we can do rombongan la hehe
    cousin: aiyah, paktoh ma 😛
    johnson: almost the same! hehe
    endroo: Who? We? Me?
    AYC: they’re having some sort of karaoke/dance competition

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