Love and Hate – a dedication to the beloved ghosts.

I had terrible start of the year at work (as mentioned in my last post). Nothing seems to go my way. Lotsa Stress, lotsa lecturing (i don’t mind that because i learn a lot from their), lotsa moment that i think that i am going to die (of cos not i don’t mean it literally) and lotsa people wanna kill and/or skin me alive . All the past ghosts are staringt to haunt me now. Every now and then some hiccups pop up, then a very bad thought come to my mind “I am dead. I am gonna be sacked!!!”
To aggravate things, My boss’s kind words doesn’t help to cheer me up though (of cos it is more like a warning to me). He said “Frank, even though you know that you fuck up the thing. Whether or not you will get fuck later on it, you still fucking have to do the job” (Yes, he did use all the “fuck” words in his sentence when he told me that”) Especially when he had that “sien” (eer…hokkien slang,a chinese dialect meaning “bored” but here, it can be taken to mean “disappointed or fed up”. Please don’t ask me why or even bother to correct me because I DON’T CARE) look or piss off face, i knew it is time to run for my life and hide in the toilet (although i STILL have to do find a way to rectify the problem and face the music). Of cause, it is normal for him to feel this way because after all he is the one who is gonna get the bigger stick from the client or anyone else.
Suddenly, i realise that the job that i love has become the job that i dread. So much so that i am always looking forward to weekend. During the weekend, i can go back to the office and do the work at my own pace. The phone will not ring and i can blast my RM15 cheap but humble speakers.
Nevertheless, there is always someone that i can run to after work to hang out with and to enjoy each other company. I am glad that i am blessed by her companionship and love. But most of all, i do hope that my past ghosts will go easy on me because BLOODY HELL i am only 11 days into my practice. I DON’T WANT TO HATE MY JOB!!!

7 thoughts on “Love and Hate – a dedication to the beloved ghosts.”

  1. hang in there frank.
    it’s better 2 b scolded n learnt wat went wrong then having a quiet boss who dun tell u wat is really pissing him off. dat way, u learn faster.
    btw, u coming back 4 cny?

  2. well, you know what…. being able to go through these challenges makes you a better person and probably wiser in future..
    don’t worry, you’ll survive. 🙂
    ps: i think this will make a better title: When Love and Hate Collide. 😛

  3. Everyone has shitty days. U’re not the only one. So, don’t worry and pat yourself on the back. Then say, “Welcome to the real world”

  4. i get those shit not from my boss because im not working but my dad. daily. whether from the car not washed to my bed not done.. but i think this is only life. whether u fuck up, or wud get fuck later on. u still gotta fuckin do it. and make sure u fuck it right too. goodluck with ur job for the year!

  5. told u to take a break u don wan to listen. come to my firm la, damn relax one, nobody is stressed. the only time i see someone stress is when the big boss give the lawyers CNY cookies but didn’t give the secretary, so one indian secretary stress, thats stupid.

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